The Independence Center (The IC) is simply a wonderful place to work! We provide a great work environment, competitive pay and fantastic benefits. Our benefits package includes a generous paid time off policy, medical, dental, and vision insurance, short-term disability and long-term disability insurance, as well as a 403b plan with company-match. 

We provide a unique array of services to consumers with disabilities that include information and referral, advocacy, peer support, independent living skills training, computer training, along with home health skilled and unskilled attendant services. This is a consumer-centered, non-profit agency where services are provided and directed at the request of our consumers.

Our agency staff embody a wide range of visible and hidden disabilities, modeling empowerment for those they serve. Our staff works with individuals and the community to identify and remove barriers that block people with disabilities from living in the community and participating in community life.

Our philosophy and the manner in which we provide services set us apart from other home health agencies. Our consumers are not patients. Rather, those we serve are consumers who need independent support and assistance in order to maintain their lifestyle of choice.

  • Home Health services provide the medical and personal support that enable people with disabilities to live at home and in the community.
  • The Independent Living program provides the information and encouragement for people to believe they can create the life they want and provide training and support to accomplish their goals.
  • And, the Center’s building is a shining model for access and for accommodating our customers and employees who have disabilities.

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The Home Health Caregiver Sphere is designed to aid perspective caregivers who are seeking positions in home health to identify the right career choice. The HHC Sphere takes about 12 minutes to experience. When you have completed the questionnaire you can view your results instantly on your personal sphere-chart. This will help you to better understand the job and decide if this job is for you before you complete the application process by submitting your resume and cover letter. Be sure to note on your Cover Letter that you have completed and submitted your Sphere. You can take the Sphere by clicking on the CNA, HCBS Coordinator Assitant, PCA or PCW job descriptions.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event Volunteer (help out for a short period of time at a community event)
  • Ongoing Volunteer (work as a Peer Mentor or provide support to staff for a longer period of time)
  • Community Organizing (join a group to help make changes in the community)
  • Internship