IL Services

Here is a list of the services we provide:

Information and Referral (I&R) Services

Information about disability-related issues, resources and services are available to people with disabilities, families, professionals and the general public.  Independent Living has many program areas and services that are provided to consumers. Our services start by contacting Stuart, the Information and Referral Specialist at (719) 471-8181. He would be pleased to explain our programs and make referrals as needed.

I&R and Benefits Specialist: Stuart W. 


Independent Living Skills Classes

Classes and workshops developed in response to community needs that offer age appropriate skill development to increase independence. Classes offered are Money Management, Cooking/Eating Healthy, Microwave cooking, Social Living, Workshops offered are employment (resume writing, interviewing skills), voting, etc.

IL Skills Specialist: Edgar M.


Individual and Systems Advocacy Services   

Provides individual, local, and state advocacy that impact people with disabilities.  We offer anyone in our 6-county region the opportunity to be informed and empowered about disability issues at any level, as well as a chance to be part of a local group to bring change on local issues. Examples: Assist with apartment landlord advocacy through the Fair Housing Act.     

Community Organizing Manager: Courtney S.

Community Organizing Coordinator: Carrie B.


Housing Services      

Updated information related to affordable & accessible housing in addition to oversight of housing voucher and housing benefits information.      

Housing Specialist:Sara C.    


Employment Services          

Provides employment support for consumers that need employment and support to understand benefits when returning to work. Hosts workshops such as resume writing and mock interviewing.            

Employment Support Coordinator: Yvonne B.

Employment Support Specialist: Starr V.


Older Individuals with Blindness (OIB)

Provides services and support to individuals 55+ with blindness or low vision, by facilitating support groups as well as education to assist with maintaining independence in the home.   

OIB Specialist: Jeanette F.

OIB Specialist: Anne F.




Peer Support and Volunteer Services           

Provide peer support and mentoring in a group or 1 on 1 basis.  Provide outreach to hospitals, nursing facilities, rehab facilities, schools, etc. to support individuals with disabilities.  Train volunteers with disabilities as mentors.     

Peer Support and Volunteer Coordinator: Tim A. 

Peer Support Specialists: Kevin C., Wendy C., Gail M., Carol J. and Daniel R.


Community Transition Services (CTS) and Community Choice Transitions (CCT) 

A program focused on transitioning individuals with the desire to live independently in the community and out of nursing home setting.   

CTS Coordinator: Beth G.

CTS Coordinator: Nicole F.

CCT Coordinator: Geri T.

Outreach Coordination    

Outreach to our six county catchment area in an effort to enhance the development of and provide independent living services to outlying areas. Serving the counties of Park, Teller, El Paso, Kit Carson, Cheyenne and Lincoln

IL Specialist-Eastern: Frances D.

IL Specialist, Western: Vacant

IL Assistant Manager/Outreach: Lorraine D.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH) Services   

A program designed to enhance the lives of individuals, encouraging them to live the independent life they choose for themselves through a variety of means. Provides advocacy and education to consumers, business and agencies.         

Deaf and HOH Coordinator: Angie T.  VP: 719-358-2513

Deaf and HOH Specialist: Matthew R. VP: 719-602-0872



Will provide assistance with the complicated world of public benefits.  This position will provide assistance to consumers applying for Social Security benefits including SSI and SSDI.         

IL Benefits Specialist: Michele K.


Assistive Technology Specialist       

This position ensures all consumers are aware of any technology equipment available to live an independent life.  They will manage technology resources, perform demonstrations of equipment and provide education and training.        

Assistive Technology Specialist: Paul S.


Emergency Preparedness

Setting up and working a disaster response system in which local governments and people with disabilities work together during and following a disaster.   

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator: Nick D.


Quality Assurance

This service is designed to provide internal measures for quality assurance across the IL Department.  

Quality Assurance Specialist: Judith S.


Independent Living Program Management         

The overview, supervision and management of Independent Living services, supports, programs, community integration, staff & consumers.    

IL Program Director: Dixie H.

IL Program Manager: Christine G.

IL Assistant Program Manager: Janet B.