May 6, 2014

10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Beep Baseball

  • There are over 30 officially registered teams, according to the National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA)
  • The beeping ball used to play the sport was created in 1964 by Charles Fairbanks.
  • The game is only 6 innings long, not 9 like the traditional game of baseball, but can go in to extra innings if need be.
  • There have been only 5 documented cases of a hit ball being caught in the air during a game.
  • Runs are scored by the player making it to the base before the ball is fielded.
  • The pitcher and catcher are both sighted individuals.
  • Rather than 9 men on the field, there are 6 players.
  • The World Series for Beep Baseball is in Rochester, Minnesota for 2014, but it’s been hosted in Houston, Indianapolis, Chicago and even Denver, Colorado.
  • There are over 20 players in the NBBA Hall of Fame, dating back to 1999.
  • A defensive player does not throw the ball to another player to record an out. Outs are earned by fielding the ball before the runner reaches the base.