Grants Received

The Independence Center furthers its mission through grants from governmental and private sources. Here is a list of current grants received and a brief description of projects and programming these generous grant makers make possible.


  • State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment awarded The IC $64,243 to support the Older Individuals with Blindness program.
  • The City of Colorado Springs awarded a $29,429 Community Development Block Grant to The IC. These funds will support the IC’s Housing Program, which assists low-income individuals and families who are looking for affordable, accessible housing.
  • The Colorado Springs Health Foundation (CSHF) awarded $28,500 to support The IC’s CNA Training Program. The funds assisted CNA students with scholarships to attend the course. CSHF also awarded The IC with a $4,872 COVID-19 Mini-Technology grant to support secure communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Pikes Peak Community Foundation awarded The IC with a $10,000 COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund grant to provide community outreach and personal protective equipment to create accessible and safe communication during the pandemic.
  • Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation awarded The IC with an $8,000 grant to support our programs that help people with disabilities access assistive technology and home modifications.
  • The Myron Stratton Foundation awarded The IC with a $7,500 grant to support various programs that assist people living with disabilities in our community.