Accessible Dental Equipment Nominations

Is your dentist’s office accessible to people with disabilities?

If you are a patient of a dentist office that could be more accessible to people with disabilities, you have the opportunity to make a difference. Nominate your dentist’s office to receive materials and equipment, compliments of The Independence Center, to help provide greater accessibility for people with disabilities. Dental offices can receive a wheelchair lift, medical masks that allow patients to read lips, and other tools that can make the experience of going to the dentist more enjoyable for people with disabilities. The Independence Center will be working with select dental offices that accept Medicaid and/or Medicare. If you’re a Medicaid or Medicare recipient with a disability, please nominate the dentist’s office you think needs this equipment to provide you with more accessible care.

Dental offices receiving accessible equipment and tools will also receive a complimentary ADA audit about access to their facility as well as a confidential report and disability competency training session.

Nominations are being accepted from July 26, 2019 through September 13, 2019. The nominations will then be reviewed before final decisions are made on October 14, 2019.


Dental Patient getting exam in wheelchair lift









Versatilt Accessible Wheelchair Lift


Woman wearing medical exam face mask with transparent sheet covering her lips so people who are Deaf or hard of hearing can see her lips moving when she speaks









Accessible Medical Mask



Click here to download our Creating Disability-Friendly Dental Practices Report.


The accessible dental equipment nomination time has ended.