The IC recognizes that there is an extreme and drastic need for affordable and accessible housing in our community. With rising housing costs and income levels dropping below median wages, more and more people face challenges finding adequate housing that fits budget levels. For people with disabilities, location becomes a prominent factor, due to the requirement of close city transportation. When combining these needs with safety concerns, elderly persons’ needs and health concerns, community resources delays, and other obstacles, the barriers often cause homelessness and other significant issues such as depression and hopelessness, which in turn stifle independent living.

The Independence Center brought together many people facing these issues through focus groups, interviews, and community forums in order to highlight the vast needs that are causing strain in the community. Carrie Baatz, Community Advocacy Coordinator for The Independence Center, pulled these concerns, stories, and obstacles together to build a report detailing each issue, need, barrier, and recommendation to present to Colorado Springs and El Paso County officials, as well as to promote awareness and spark conversation and action. ~ NS


Affordable and Accessible Housing Report


  • Public education and advocacy
  • A sustained effort to build capacity for affordable and accessible housing
  • Building relationships and trust between service providers and housing providers
  •  Integrate affordable housing units with market-rate housing
  • Increase staff and availability of Code Enforcement Officers
  •  More personnel to provide education and enforcement regarding Fair Housing laws
  • Centralized method of tracking available affordable and accessible housing units
  • A greater spectrum of resources to adequately fulfill the needs in the Pikes Peak Region

Get Involved

People’s Access to Homes (PATH)believes everyone has a right to a space they call home. They are advocating for housing rights and increased affordable and accessible housing in the Pikes Peak Region. Meetings are at The Independence Center every Thursday from 3:00pm – 4:30pm.


Click here to read the report in it’s entirety.  Affordable_and_Accesible_Housing_Report Aug 2015