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Choose Senior Home Care Services with The Independence Center

Senior Home Care Provider

Senior Home Care ProviderWe can provide peace of mind to loved ones with physician-directed senior home care services. Our team is adept in all areas of senior home care, whether it’s providing companionship at important times or helping administer medication and providing direct medical care in the home. It’s the trusted service for seniors living independently across the region.

Turn to The Independence Center for:

  • Effective home care strategies

Our medically-trained team will create home care strategies specifically for you and your senior loved ones. We work directly with clients to discover more about their medical history and their current needs and to build an understanding that becomes the foundation of care. Our care strategies are designed to help engage seniors and respond professionally to their emotional, physical and mental health needs.

  • Long-term experience

Each member of our trained care team has years of experience in the senior home care industry. This experience means they can respond to complex challenges within the home and assure a level of comfort loved ones wouldn’t receive through other care providers. The past experience of our team members highlights their work with patients with specific health challenges. It means seniors are protected when working The Independence Center.

  • Round the clock care

We can provide the level of care seniors need to remain supported and protected for the long-term. Whether it’s a round the clock service or regular in-home visits, our providers can ensure that client needs are met with the right service at their ideal schedule. We can also meet regularly with family members to adjust our services when new needs arise, ensuring a flexible in-home senior care solution that helps loved ones retain their independence.

To discover more about the senior home care services offered at The Independence Center, call us today. Qualified care professionals are standing-by to answer your questions and provide support.

Schedule Home Nursing Care from Our Experienced Team

Home Care Nursing Team

Home Care Nursing TeamWhen you require home nursing care for your loved ones, it’s important to work with an organization that has years of experience and a comprehensive understanding on effective care techniques. By harnessing our commitment to client communication, and building a foundation for care over the long-term, The IC has what it takes to serve as your home health solution.

Clients choose The Independence Center for:

  • Our home care nursing options

We provide a range of home care nursing options directly to clients to ensure their personal health needs are met. From our expertise in specific health condition management to our team’s experience in personal care, we can provide families a high level of comfort through our work.

  • Effective communication

Part of the role of the home care nursing team member is to communicate with family members about their work. After receiving client permission, we regularly update families while caring for their loved ones and ensuring the utmost privacy for our client. We safeguard clients within their homes and ensure families are able to maintain close coordination with their nursing teams.

  • Proactive care

The goal at The Independence Center is to provide proactive care to the client within their home. By tailoring a plan and proactively managing each client’s individual needs, the quality of life and patient outcomes are greatly improved. Our commitment to proactive care means client health and comfort is prioritized within each element of our work.

Our home care nursing services help keep clients and their loved ones in control while aligning them with highly skilled care professionals. To discover more about our work and the services we provide, call us today for a consultation.

Schedule Disability and Home Care from The Independence Center

Disability Home Care CNA

Disability Home Care CNAClients with disabilities require comfort within their own home, and our disability care services help support this required comfort level. Our team at The Independence Center is known for our high-quality work with clients with disabilities and we can help build the ideal care service for the individual, based on years of industry experience. Our goal is to ensure privacy, comfort, and dignity in the home by offering the highest levels of care.

Clients choose The Independence Center for:

  • Comprehensive care options

From our work providing personal hygiene services to our expertise in helping patients with ambulation around the home, we offer a number of home care options for patients with a disability. Our experienced team can build a care program designed in-line with the client’s unique needs while in close communication with the client directly. This ensures clients and their loved ones retain autonomy over their expert-led care.

  • Goal-oriented care

Our home health work is based on the client’s unique goals for their health and comfort in the home. By providing in-home care to clients with a disability we hope to enrich their lives and open up options that would not be possible without expert guidance. We strive to provide the client personal care that preserve their dignity, and we take great pride in supporting patients in their health goals.

  • Communication-focused care

At each phase in our work providing care, we thrive through direct communication with clients and their loved ones. We work to respond to questions and address any challenges the moment they arise to help drive patient comfort in the long-term. We’ll meet with clients and their families regularly to discuss the current care plan and to make any required changes at the earliest opportunity.

Our experienced team at The Independence Center is here to provide the highest level of home care to those with a disability. To schedule a consultation with a specialist, call us today.

How to Apply for Medicaid

Medicaid filing

Medicaid filingOne of the most difficult challenges many clients face in achieving the level of care they require is that they must apply for Medicaid. This can be a complex process for those without expert help. Within this page, we’ll explain more about how to apply for Medicaid. Following our guide will help ensure the required level of care is available.

The steps to apply for Medicaid include:

  1. Visit and select Colorado from the listed states. Or you can call your state Medicaid office to begin the application process.
  2. Gather the required information, including the following:
  • Proof of age
  • Proof of citizenship status
  • Proof of sources of income
  • Proof of assets and other resources
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of number of people in household
  • Proof of other insurance
  1. Submit your application by following the instructions for the state of Colorado. Options for submitting the application include submitting a paper copy or submitting an online application. You may also choose to submit an in-person application at your local Medicaid office.
  2. Wait for a response to your application. When you apply for Medicaid, the state must respond within 45 days. You have a right to appeal if your application is denied.
  3. Choose your provider. Make sure the provider has many years of experience and ask them about their specific services before making a final decision. It’s important to meet with several providers to ensure you’re comfortable with your choice.

If you or a loved one need help with the Medicaid application process, The Independence Center has a highly skilled Benefits department that can walk you through the process. For more information on our benefits services, visit our “Help with SSI/SSDI Benefits” page.

Our team at The Independence Center is known for our award-winning home care services. To discover more about your service options, contact our team now for a consultation.

Overcoming Challenges with Assistive Technology

Tim Ashley with Tony Wilkins

Tim Ashley with Tony Wilkins

Tim Ashley with Tony Wilkins at the 2017 ADA Celebration Luncheon

The following is the text from an impassioned speech that The IC’s Tim Ashley gave last year at The Independence Center’s Annual ADA Celebration Luncheon about one of the consumers he works with.

“My name is Tim Ashley, and I‘m an Independent Living Coordinator with Peer Support Emphasis here at The Independence Center. There are so many great stories we see and hear about every day at The IC, and I’m going to tell you about an amazing young man who found the help he was looking for in living a more independent life.

When Tony Wilkins first came to The IC, he was having a very hard time. During a trip to the beach some years back, a diving accident resulted in paralysis, and he was no longer able to use his arms or legs. As a person with quadriplegia, Tony’s life was forever changed. An avid fisherman and outdoor enthusiast, he loved spending time in nature, and he also enjoyed working on his computer. His loss of mobility and the inability to use his hands led to being disconnected from the activities he once participated in, along with many of the people he once socialized with. This isolation led Tony into a deep depression that weighed on him heavily.

When he first came to The IC, Tony joined the Spinal Cord Injury, or SCI group, which was intended to provide individuals newly living with a spinal cord injury the opportunity to attend support groups and activities, and to receive equipment necessary to help them live a more independent life. Tony was the first person to sign up for the Spinal Cord Injury Group, and the meetings gave him a reason to get out of the house, reengage, and start living again. In the groups, he met other individuals who had spinal cord injuries. He was able to share stories, find information and resources, and communicate with others who had already been through what he was experiencing. The impact on his life was huge. While in the peer support group, Tony and other members of the group went fishing, to an Air Force football game, and to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra performance. The communication and socialization aspect of these trips allowed Tony to reconnect, and helped lift his spirits, and Tony’s still active with the SCI group. In fact, he went on a fishing trip called “Fishing has no Boundaries” with our group last month. Next month, he will go fishing and camping for 2 days and 3 nights at “Wilderness on Wheels”. 

In addition to rebuilding a social network, Tony really wanted to go to college. I worked with Tony in hope of getting him set up to attend a local college. Up until this point, Tony wasn’t sure how to proceed with his goal of enrolling in college. When we began working together, Tony hit his stride and started advocating for himself. As time went on and Tony began to see the obstacles that sat between him and completion of a degree, doubt set in. Since Tony was unable to use his hands, he felt he wouldn’t be able to type on a keyboard or use a computer mouse, which most certainly would be a requirement of college. After considering the logistics, he decided that his disability would likely be too much of a hindrance on his ability to complete college. This was disappointing and frustrating, but the negative feelings didn’t last long.

Tony heard about a piece of assistive technology equipment that he thought showed promise in helping him to better use a computer for attending online classes. The purpose of the Jouse system is to make computers accessible to people who have lost the ability to use their hands, and to control a standard mouse or trackball. When Tony approached me about the Jouse system, I worked with our IT Specialist, AJ, and within the week, we began researching where to buy it. After a whopping $1,550, the Jouse system was on its way, Tony began using a computer again and he made the decision to go to college. He enrolled in a local community college and today can navigate his online classes and communicate with his classmates. He’s also been able to reconnect with the world, through the internet and in person, with the click of his Jouse 3 joystick and the Spinal Cord Injury support group.”

To learn more about the support groups, visit our support group webpage.

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