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Published: May 2, 2013
Accessible Mobile Alerts

It’s key to stay informed during an emergency with the most up-to-date information. In this digital age the best way to get information is through your smart phone. Most phones now have a warning system built into them that works with the National Weather Service, meaning if you are traveling and there is an emergency where you are, you will still get an alert! Many newer smart phones are automatically set up to receive alerts. Others may require the downloading of a free app. Check with your wireless carrier to make sure your alerts are in place and turned on.
Mobile Ways to Stay Informed:

  • Go to El Paso County website to sign up for local emergency text messages. Sign up at
  • Did you know 2-1-1 has a number that works with relay systems? Just call 719-955-0742 and you can access the same information as 2-1-1 using your phone
  • Ensure your smartphone is able to receive emergency texts
  • Know the local news stations and websites that are accessible to you during an emergency

Remember, you need to Know Your Sources! Emergency Preparedness starts with YOU!


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