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Published: March 24, 2016
Community Transition Success after 11 Years in Nursing Home

Judy Gates poses for the camera in her new apartment
Judy Gates poses for the camera in her new apartment
Judy transitioned out of a nursing home after 11 years with the help of Community Transition Services at The Independence Center.

These are new freedoms since The Independence Center Community Transition Services program enabled Judy to move out into an independent apartment in 2015.
“The biggest highlight about Judy’s story is that we transitioned her out of the nursing home into the community after eleven years in the facility,” LaTesha Kearney, Community Transition Coordinator at The Independence Center explains. Judy laughs good-naturedly about the day that staff and volunteers from The Independence Center moved her out of the nursing facility. It was a big day for her and one she remembers clearly.
Judy gets a sparkle in her eyes when she talks about her neighborhood and her favorite pub. She’ll easily take a new friend around her apartment and point out her new furniture and décor, with which she has been establishing her new home.
Since the move, services set up by The Independence Center have helped sustain her independence. Judy receives regular visits each week from a nurse for medication monitoring and a CNA for help with personal care. She beams happily when she talks about her new situation. She says, “I love it.”


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