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Published: February 11, 2018
IC Employee Receives Award for Employment Accomplishments


by Gabe Taylor


In a recent award ceremony at the Colorado State Capital, along with several other recipients, The Independence Center’s Mathew Morris was presented with the Shining Stars award. The Shining Stars award was started this year as a way to recognize individuals and businesses for their employment related accomplishments and inclusive hiring practices related to people with disabilities. In Mathew’s case, he was presented with the award for his work ethic and independence while working
with Vocational Rehabilitation to identify, interview for, and retain permanent employment. After the award ceremony, the awardees had the opportunity to meet with Governor John Hickenlooper for quick meet and greet. This is a well deserved award to a great person.

At The Independence Center, Mathew works in the Older Individuals with Blindness (OIB) department, where he leads support groups, teaches Braille, provides training on adaptive technology, and conducts home visits to evaluate and optimize the homes of people who are losing their vision.

Older Individuals with Blindness

Though The IC serves people with low vision and blindness of all ages, the Older Individuals with Blindness (OIB) program serves a special role in helping people over the age of 55. As we age, the majority of us have some form of age-related vision changes. This is a normal part of life, but adapting to the new normal can be difficult for individuals experiencing
more serious vision loss. This is where OIB comes in. OIB is operated by individuals who are themselves, experiencing low vision or blindness. OIB provides services that help to restore independence and build confidence in day-to-day life.

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