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Published: May 15, 2019
Inspiring Change

Photo of three women

Photo of three women

After The IC’s Disability Integration Act Watch Party, we received this letter from one of the attendees.

Hi Elle, Rebecca and The Independence Center,

You both did an AMAZING job setting everything up for us to attend and watch the Disability Integration Act Watch Party. What a Powerful and Inspiring day to see movement and change happening across the United Stated for those of us with disabilities. Not only does the DIA affect us directly, but it affects our families, friends, healthcare providers, and our nation as a whole! I was very Proud to be there!

I don’t know where I would be without access to disability services and Medicaid. More than likely, I would be dead because the medication I take is imperative for my ability to function on a day to day basis. I also get home care and other services through my (BI) Brain Injury Waiver.

I enjoyed speaking with you ladies after the Watch Party. During our conversation, I expressed how having an “Invisible” disability really affects my interaction with the outside world. Having a traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects so many areas of my life including, but not subject to: how I communicate with people, long and short term memory loss, organization, emotional and mental regulation, impulse control, social interaction, cognitive and executive functioning, and the list goes on and on. I am learning how to advocate for myself, so that I can be sure to get the assistance and help that I need.

Thank you to The Independence Center for welcoming me into your family last year. Thank you for the great work you do advocating and provided us with the services to help us function better individually and collectively!

I especially want to thank Mr. Tim Ashley and Dr. Kevin Corrigan for your continued support, patience, direction and accessibility. You continually help me become a better person! I am truly blessed and grateful for all that you do!

Thank you! Peace & Blessings!

Stephanie Symonette

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