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Published: June 13, 2018
“Just Like Everyone Else” – Life on the Autism Spectrum


by Deborah V

Autism Ribbon

A world of color, sound and social interactions surround us. However, what happens when your environment and your daily activities are strained due to the perceived normality’s in the world.

Every day, a person with Autism wakes up and copes with the world.

The Autism Spectrum is diverse. Nonetheless, we all share commonalities.

Yes, I used the word “we”. I am an adult on the Autism Spectrum.

In my experience, when a person finds out I have Autism. Their first inclination is to ask stereotypical questions.

How can you be Autistic when you speak? Or You seem so smart, how can you be Autistic?

The stereotypical concept that is etched in the public’s mind is: If you have Autism, you must not be able to function “normally.”

Just like everyone else I go to school, work and enjoy various hobbies.

Are there challenges and obstacles in life? Yes, but every person has obstacles to overcome.

Humanity adapts and evolves.

When you are individual with Autism you spend your life adapting.

For example, everyone loves a soft cuddling blanket in winter. But what would you do if touching that soft blanket caused you physical pain? What about going to a concert? What if the sounds produced by the crowd and the band caused you to feel sheer terror?

How do I cope? I can’t cuddle in the winter with a soft blanket, but a smooth blanket does just fine. I use noise cancelling headphones to drown out excessive noise.

There is always a different way to accomplish the same goal. The key to my life with Autism is: I am just like you. I am a person. I feel. I smile. I cry. I learn different than you, but I learn. I work just like you, but I to adapt my surroundings. I CAN do anything.

At the end of the day I have Autism, but I am Just Like Everyone Else.

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