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The Independence Times is The IC’s quarterly newsletter and is full of information about our efforts to work with people with disabilities, their families and the community to create independence so that all may thrive. To see the most current issue, please browse the articles below or click on the archive link at the bottom of this page to view past issues.

Current Newsletter Stories

CEO Corner: Virtual Communication Platforms and the Fight for Equal Access

The pandemic has caused a seismic shift in how we work, learn, obtain services, and interact with each other. Before social distancing, meeting/communication platforms like Zoom, Go-To Meeting, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts were used for a few very specific purposes. Now they are almost a daily part of our lives. They allow many (though […]

Area Girl Scouts Make It Sew Easy to Reopen

  During Colorado’s stay-at-home order, issued to combat the pandemic, The Independence Center’s halls were empty for almost three months. So when restrictions were finally eased, the staff was eager to welcome people back into the building. To prepare, a re-opening committee was formed to discuss the precautions necessary to keep visitors and staff safe. […]

Mobile Food Pantry: Supporting Our Community

COVID-19 has not just had an impact on the physical health of those in our community. Job and income losses due to the pandemic have increased economic hardships such as difficulty paying bills, putting off filling prescriptions, and greater food insecurity. As part of its mission to help people with disabilities live more independently, The […]

Outreach Q&A

Living in a rural community has many benefits, including a lower cost of living, a feeling of safety, and a sense of belonging. But for people with disabilities, residing outside a city can make it more challenging to access the supports and services they need to live independently. That’s where The Independence Center’s Outreach program […]

Creating Connection with Online Classes and Groups

When Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis issued a statewide stay-at-home order in March due to the coronavirus, most of The IC’s staff had to figure out new ways of serving our consumers and clients. As the organization’s IL Skills Specialist, Edgar Morales was used to working in-person with consumers to help them develop the skills necessary […]

Celebrating 30 Years of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Each July, The IC celebrates the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with an in-person event. Hundreds of people attend the free luncheon to network and learn more about the issues facing people with disabilities. This year, however, COVID-19 left the organization with two choices: cancel or get creative. With 2020 marking the […]

Grants Help The IC Continue Its Mission of Service

As a nonprofit, The Independence Center couldn’t do what we do without the generous support of individuals, foundations, and community partners. Recently, two Foundations recognized The IC’s work by awarding grants to further our mission of helping people with disabilities live fuller, more independent lives. We sincerely appreciate their support! Colorado Springs Health Foundation Tech […]

COVID-19: What the Deaf Community Wants Everyone to Know

The following is adapted from an op-ed originally published in The Gazette and written by Kelsey Sandella, The IC’s former Community Organizing Assistant. When this year started, no one expected a global pandemic that would change the way of the world. Wearing masks, gloves, and handwashing to a personal theme song is now the new […]

CEO Corner: Lessons from a Pandemic

Maya Angelou, the late Poet Laureate wrote, “When we know better, we do better.” After the Waldo Canyon Fire, our community took those words to heart and acted upon them. In the midst of that emergency, many of us – both with and without disabilities – weren’t sure what to do, where to go, or […]

IC Fund: Better Access for Better Health

At The Independence Center (The IC), our goal is to help increase independence and accessibility for people with disabilities. To do this, we not only work with people individually, we support a variety of other community projects and organizations through our IC Fund. Since 2014, the fund has granted monies to build ADA-compliant walkways, provide […]

“Saving Grace”: Community Partnership Helps Patient Return Home

In the Spring of 2018, Steve Frost had an epileptic seizure while driving. He went to UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central, spent three months there, got out, had another seizure a month later and was back in the hospital for three more months. During his second stay, squatters broke into his modest, one bedroom mobile home […]

Home Health Q&A

The Independence Center (The IC) is widely known in the region for its Independent Living services. However, its commitment to people with disabilities doesn’t stop there. Through its Home Health division, it helps senior citizens, as well as other adults and children with disabilities, live full, independent lives in the community by providing in-home health care. […]

Before Disaster Strikes: Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

Over the last few months, most of us have learned the basics of what we need to survive during a national or local emergency. But for people with disabilities, there are other things to consider. Although disability-specific items may not be included in typical emergency preparedness lists, they are just as essential for those who […]

State of Colorado: Signing the Times

During any emergency, all citizens should have equal access to information that potentially affects their lives. That’s why The IC has put such emphasis on emergency preparation for people with disabilities over the last several years. We not only created an Emergency Preparedness Guide, we have worked closely with state and local officials to ensure […]

Comcast: Eye on Technology

Most of us don’t think twice about grabbing the remote to change channels. But for people with mobility disabilities – like those with quadriplegia or ALS – it can be almost impossible. And without access to television programming, individuals can become isolated or find themselves without critical information during emergencies like COVID-19. Now, a new […]

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