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The Independence Times is The IC’s quarterly newsletter and is full of information about our efforts to work with people with disabilities, their families and the community to create independence so that all may thrive. To see the most current issue, please browse the articles below or click on the archive link at the bottom of this page to view past issues.

Current Newsletter Stories

CEO Corner: Working to Make Health Care Accessible to All

Over the last two years, The Independence Center (The IC) has been working hard to make medical and dental care more accessible for people with disabilities. Through our IC Fund, created to honor our founder and her late husband, we have donated nearly $150,000 in accessible equipment and other tools to Medicaid/Medicare primary care and […]

Art of Accessibility Celebrates Diversity

  On September 6, 2019, the halls of The Independence Center (The IC) buzzed with activity duringits award-winning Art of Accessibility (AoA) event. As part of the Downtown Partnership’s First Friday Artwalk, AoA showcases brand new exhibits that honor the visual artistry created by people with disabilities and their community. The works of 40 artists […]

Assistive Technology Q&A

If you have a disability, there are numerous tools and equipment available to help you live a full, independent life. The Independence Center can guide you toward resources that can help you obtain various types of assistive technology (AT). Learn more below from Paul Spotts,  IL Specialist – Assistive Technology, and Stacy Gibson, IL Specialist […]

For the Thrill of It: Adaptive Go-Karts Fulfill the Need for Speed

On a bright, sunny afternoon, the sounds of revving engines and screeching tires vibrated through the air as drivers sped around a racetrack. Jockeying for position, the looks on their faces ranged from steely determination to pure joy. One driver made a point to wave at his biggest fan – who also happens to be […]

Innovative Program Helps Patient Stay in Her Home

For patients with complex recoveries or conditions, the nursing home is often their only option in order to receive the supports and services they need. However, with The Independence Center’s innovative Hospital to Home (H2H) program, patients are able to transition from the hospital back to their homes more quickly and at lower cost. Recently, […]

Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday on Veterans Day

Retired Army Master Sergeant Albert C. Mosley beamed as the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to him at the Veterans Administration Clinic in Colorado Springs. He had good reason to smile. After all, this wasn’t just any birthday. Mosley, who had been born on the very first Armistice Day on November 11, 1919, was celebrating his […]

CEO Corner: Everyone Needs a Place to Call Home

Housing is a big issue for everyone in the Pikes Peak region! The cost to buy or rent a home is sky high with no end in sight. For people with disabilities, finding housing is even more daunting if there is a need for mobility access, public transit access, and/or affordability. It’s a triple whammy […]

Proving That Deaf CAN!

by Amber Carlton   When Denver resident Susan Haney retired from the post office after 44 years, she wanted to do something meaningful, “I want to show the Deaf community we can do this job. Yes, there are barriers but that doesn’t mean we can’t overcome them.” – Sharon VonFeldt, CNA Studentso she signed up […]

Information and Referral Q&A

by Amber Carlton   For most consumers of The IC, the first person they talk to is Maritta Coffey, Information and Referral (I&R) Specialist. Each month, she connects with anywhere from 200-300 people from Colorado Springs and The IC’s six county catchment area. But what is Information and Referral exactly? We sat down with Maritta […]

Annual ADA Event: Advancing Disability-Friendly Health Care

by Amber Carlton   What if you visited your doctor and weren’t able to navigate through the hallway, get onto the exam table, or see over the receptionist’s counter? If you’ve never had an experience like this, it might be hard to imagine. But these are the kinds of barriers that people with disabilities face every […]

Test Your Disability Knowledge!

Chances are you know someone with a disability or have a disability yourself. But how much do you know about the facts and issues surrounding disabilities? Take this quiz to find out! (Answers are below but no peeking!) 1. How many people in the U.S. live with a disability? a. 10 million b. 22 million c. […]

Making Dental Care Accessible

by Amber Carlton   Studies show that oral health is an important part of maintaining overall health. But for people with disabilities, finding accessible dental care can be a real challenge and may lead to them forgoing routine visits to the dentist. The need for accessible dental practices was brought to light during a series […]

The IC Launches New Low Vision Program

By Amber Carlton   As part of its commitment to helping individuals with low vision and blindness live a full and active life, The Independence Center has launched a brand new Low Vision program. The goal of the Low Vision program, which is geared toward people ages 18 – 54, is to help individuals maintain […]

Five Fast & Furry-ous Facts…

By Amber Carlton About Service Animals The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a service animal as one that has been individually trained to perform tasks for a person with a disability. Only dogs and miniature horses qualify. So no cats, birds, snakes, or squirrels! A service animal doesn’t have to wear a vest, ID […]

Disability Benefits Q&A

By Amber Carlton   Think you might qualify for disability benefits but don’t know where to start? The IC offers services that can empower you to advocate for yourself when it comes to benefits. Check out what Benefits Specialist Suzi Arnold and Benefits Coordinator Daniel Ratcliff have to say about the most commonly asked questions […]

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