Fall 2015

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Vietnam Veteran Pays It Forward in Teller County - Vincent Thoms is a Vietnam veteran who loves the A-frame home he has in Teller County. A widower who lives alone, Vincent requires the use of oxygen for a heart problem that probably started with exposure to Agent Orange during his service in Vietnam. He tires easily and doesn’t have the stamina to handle normal […]
Consumer Mike Jackson poses with his mother Blind Athlete Hits Home Run With Beep Baseball - First impression of Mike Jackson is that he is athletic. Second glance sees the white cane in his hand. Mike is an athlete who played semi-pro basketball and football prior to the loss of his sight three years ago. Within weeks of connecting with The IC as he came to terms with his blindness, staff and […]
Photo of Patricia Yeager, CEO CEO Corner - Patricia Yeager, Ph.D., CEO As I write this we are basking in the afterglow of our celebration luncheon of the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act here in Colorado Springs. October marks my four-year anniversary as CEO at The Independence Center. Looking back to four years ago at the lack of accessibility or […]
The IC’s ADA Celebration 2015 Award Winners - The IC’s 2015 ADA Celebration The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was established in 1990 and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush, in order to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities and ensure equal access, opportunities, and participation throughout America. 2015 marks the 25th Anniversary of the historical signing of the ADA. The Independence […]
"Affordable and Accessible Housing Needs and Barriers" report cover image Affordable and Accessible Housing - The IC recognizes that there is an extreme and drastic need for affordable and accessible housing in our community. With rising housing costs and income levels dropping below median wages, more and more people face challenges finding adequate housing that fits budget levels. For people with disabilities, location becomes a prominent factor, due to the […]
John Monteith looks out over the water while fishing The IC Coordinates Group Outing at Fishing Has No Boundaries Event - For people without disabilities, grabbing a rod and reel and going fishing is an activity that can be taken for granted. However, people with mobility-related disabilities face obvious barriers such as difficulty navigating foot paths and docks and boarding a boat. There are less obvious barriers as well. A father teaches his children to fish […]
Living Well With a Disability - Open to anyone living with a disability, this class is taught in a group setting.  Each member contributes and participates in the discussions in an interactive setting, which results in good suggestions and conversations. The last group’s topics covered were: Healthy Communication, Beating the Blues, Physical Activity, and Healthy Nutrition. New classes will begin in […]
Consumer Charlene poses for the camera in her wheelchair with a pinwheel in her wheelchair Diabetes Education Grant Helps Secure Independence - Charlene was eager to start cooking in her apartment after living in a nursing home for two years. She wanted tasty food and she wanted to cook it for herself. She found it especially trying for someone attempting to eat gluten free in a nursing home. “At the time… I had very limited choices for […]
Consumer Sandy Bailey smiles for the camera Assistive Technology Grant Provides Tangible Benefit - A retired professor at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC), Sandy Bailey had full sight until about two years ago. She was diagnosed with a tumor on her pituitary gland and was operated on. Her surgeon predicted she would lose all of her sight but she considers herself blessed to have 25% remaining. As Sandy grieved […]
Family/Caregiver Encouragement Group - The purpose of this group is to give family members and caregivers an outlet to safely disclose any problems or frustrations they may be encountering. Self-care is emphasized at each discussion and all members are encouraged to take at least one hour per day doing something pleasurable. Members are reminded at every meeting that if […]