CNA Training Program

The Independence Center CNA Training Program

Welcome to our multi-award winning Colorado Springs nurse aide training program for students wanting to obtain the necessary training that is required to become a professional Certified Nurse Aide (CNA).

CNA Training Program Tour

Take a video tour of the new CNA Training location in downtown Colorado Springs

Choose The Independence Center (The IC) CNA Training Program for your nurse aide training because we:


  • Are approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing
  • Have a team of experienced and friendly professional nurses and staff
  • Offer both daytime and evening courses
  • Are the top training program recommended by most local employers of CNAs
  • Have trained over 3,000 nurse aides as of December 2016, including many RN, PA & MD program applicants/graduates, nursing home administrators, international students, veterans and veteran spouses
  • Will strive to help you achieve your goal of becoming a professional CNA!

If you need help paying for tuition for the CNA certification, please contact the Pikes Peak Workforce Center first! You can reach them at 719.667.3791.



"I am a recent graduate of The IC CNA School and a new employee to The IC. I am so proud to be a part of such a warm and caring team! I loved how the course is fast, to the point, yet very thorough. And the great part is that it’s taught in a way that you will never forget. I was able to ace both my written and clinical exams! I feel confident with my training that I have the foundation that I need to be an effective and efficient CNA. Thank you to The IC for my new career and for being such a bright light for people with disabilities!"


"I am a recent graduate of the program and a current employee of The Independence Center. It was a thorough program. The information contained in the program will be so invaluable to me. I will be to get a better job and be able to support my family. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to become a CNA. I was glad for the opportunity to further my career."