Application Process

The Independence Center CNA Training Program application process involves 6 basic steps:


1. View which course you’d like to take on our schedule.

View the day or evening course you would like to attend. See the course start dates here.


2. Determine your payment method.

Determine which of the following payment methods applies to you and follow the specific instructions for that method.


Cash, check or money order payment

To pay using cash, check or money order, you will need to apply in person with your payment at The Independence Center CNA Training Program. Applications will not be received without accompanying payment at the same time. Make checks payable to “The Independence Center.” For the address and office hours, click here.

Credit or debit card payment

To pay with a card, complete the online application and submit payment together at the same time. Be sure to have your credit card available when you start the application because you cannot submit the application without accompanying credit card payment. The online Enrollment Application is found here.

Sponsored student

Pikes Peak Workforce Center Logo

If you are sponsored by a workforce agency, you will need to complete a special application. The sponsored student application is found here. 

If you need help paying for tuition for the CNA certification, please contact the Pikes Peak Workforce Center first! You can reach them at 719.667.3791.

3. Familiarize yourself with program guidelines.

Read the Enrollment Application carefully, especially the Admission, Retention and Termination Policy and the Refund Policy. Familiarize yourself with the Student Contract.


4. Start your criminal background check.

Start your criminal background check. If you are being sponsored, DO NOT complete until 2nd day of class. Please note we will only contact you regarding the results of your background check if those results indicate a conflict with our “Admission, Retention and Termination Policy”. Everyone will need a Background Screening through Complio (company that the program uses).


5. Pick up your workbook. THIS IS IMPORTANT

Pick up your training workbook before class begins, NOT the 1st day. If you are sponsored, you will pick up your training workbook on the 1st day of class. You will already be behind if not picked up early. Visit The Independence Center CNA Training Program as soon as possible to pick up your CNA workbook and begin reading prior to your first class. (See office hours and location here.) This is a 4 week class, so it will go fairly quickly. If you have any questions about the structure or teaching style of the class, please feel free to contact us!

Then, start class!


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"I am a recent graduate of The IC CNA School and a new employee to The IC. I am so proud to be a part of such a warm and caring team! I loved how the course is fast, to the point, yet very thorough. And the great part is that it’s taught in a way that you will never forget. I was able to ace both my written and clinical exams! I feel confident with my training that I have the foundation that I need to be an effective and efficient CNA. Thank you to The IC for my new career and for being such a bright light for people with disabilities!"


"I am a recent graduate of the program and a current employee of The Independence Center. It was a thorough program. The information contained in the program will be so invaluable to me. I will be to get a better job and be able to support my family. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to become a CNA. I was glad for the opportunity to further my career."