On November 29th, the El Paso County election department received the Clearie award from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, for

People voting at The IC in the 2016 election

their work with The Independence Center during the 2016 general election. Before the election, the El Paso County Clerk and Recorders Office in partnership with The IC, provided training to people with disabilities in the use of accessible voting machines. The IC then served as a highly accessible voter polling location during the election.

This award is the second award presented to El Paso County related to their work with The IC during the 2016 election season. This truly is a great accomplishment in advancing the voting rights of people with disabilities in El Paso County, and we are grateful for our partnership with the Clerk and Recorders Office. If you would like more information about voting in Colorado Springs, visit our Voting Information webpage at http://bit.ly/TheICVote

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