The purpose of this group is to give family members and caregivers an outlet to safely disclose any problems or frustrations they may be encountering. Self-care is emphasized at each discussion and all members are encouraged to take at least one hour per day doing something pleasurable. Members are reminded at every meeting that if they don’t take care of their selves, they cannot properly care for another person. Participants share their experiences of how they have overcome barriers in order to assist other members of the group facing those same obstacles. Members find the group very supportive and encouraging. Each session ends on a positive note of hope. Many members meet on their own during the week to exercise or simply to socialize with each other.


“One of the best things about this group is how much we support and care about each other. We help one another with ideas, solutions, resources, listening, and caring. We are able to trust one another because respect and confidentiality are the golden rules.” ~Cheryl

For more information, contact Tim Ashley at ext. 123
You can also view the current schedule at our online calendar.