Emergency Management Program

The Independence Center’s Emergency Management Program aims to integrate considerations for people with various access and functional emergency needs into a host of disaster systems. Through outreach and partnerships with various government and community based organizations, our emergency management program provides preparedness training, advises government planners, as well as seeks and executes grants to provide programmatic access for people with disabilities during emergencies.


Lessons Learned from the Waldo Canyon Fire

Click here to read lessons learned from the Waldo Canyon Fire regarding emergency management as it relates to people with disabilities.

Read the official letter from The Independence Center to the five TV stations serving El Paso County regarding effective emergency communications April 15, 2013.


Official Issue Brief of The Independence Center

Click here to see the official issue brief of The Independence Center on emergency preparedness.


Emergency Preparedness: Are You Prepared?

Download and complete your own Personal Emergency Preparedness Workbook, or download our C-MIST flyer, which contains a list of Emergency Items and Supports.

If you want to become better prepared in case of emergency or disaster, attend one of our Personal Emergency Preparedness training workshops. Email us at to find out when the next workshop will be held and to be registered.


Host an Emergency Preparedness Training Workshop

Organizations, agencies and corporations can get involved by hosting a Personal Emergency Preparedness training workshop. Contact us at


First Responders Emergency Preparedness

Watch the Disability Awareness for First Responders video.


Shelter Emergency Response


Is your shelter accessible?
Learn about surveying shelters before a disaster strikes with these helpful videos.



Learn simple solutions for basic accessibility by watching the training video at the Emergency Shelter Preparedness page.


Find Accessible Emergency Alerts

To find sources of reliable information on emergency alerts, click on our Accessible Emergency Alerts PDF.

Find a shelter by clicking here.***SPECIAL NOTE*** Your shelter may be equipped with a kit put together by the Independence Center to assist in accessibility. Please make sure you ask a volunteer at the shelter if they have the kit shown in the attached document.


Emergency Management Near You


Get Involved

Here are three opportunities for getting involved in emergency preparedness for yourself and your community.


Join the Core Advisory Group (CAG)

The Core Advisory Group (CAG) is a group of people with varying disabilities and organizations who gather together to work with the local Office of Emergency Manager and the Independence Center’s Emergency Program Coordinator on issues regarding emergency preparedness for our Access and Functional Needs (AFN) community. Request to become a member of the Independence Center’s Core Advisory Group by emailing us at


Emergency Exercise Actors

Volunteer to become an actor in your community’s next emergency disaster exercise. Email us at to learn more.


Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (COVOAD)

Visit the Help Colorado Now website to learn more about how to help in your community.


State/National Resources

Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
American Red Cross
Ready Colorado


 Schedule Training

To schedule Emergency Preparedness training, click on the button below, tell us which training courses you’re interested in, and complete the form. Once we receive your submission, one of our Community Organizing team will contact you to schedule your free group training.



request training

Want to learn how you can get involved in making a difference in your community?

Contact our Emergency Preparedness program coordinator at 719-471-8181 or click the button below.

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