Impacting Issues at the State Level

TransportationParadeOne of the most important things we do as part of the disability community, is advocate for change through a process called “Agitation.” We do this to make the community, or a piece of it, work better for everyone. “Agitation” usually starts with the identification of a physical barrier or policy that keeps people from participating in community life. We do research on the issue, identify what we want to see happen differently that is legally acceptable, and figure out who can make that change happen. Then, we begin to ask, to write letters, to educate, negotiate and sometimes consider filing a complaint or a lawsuit. Members of our staff, consumers, and lobbyists work together to try to remove barriers for people with disabilities (PWD) through making change with the Colorado state legislature and other government entities

In addition to letters, talking points, informational flyers, and other lobbying efforts, The Independence Center also creates issue briefs that are distributed to leaders so they can learn about the issues important to PWD. An Issue Brief is a relatively short document that discusses an issue, provides a recommendation for action, lists references, and provides contact information.  The point of Issue Briefs is to inform people about a problem within the community and how we can solve that problem together.  The Independence Center hopes that as a part of the disability community, we can agitate for change, and that you’ll join us. To learn more about the work The IC is doing, please view the advocacy content we’ve created for the public and state and local leaders below.

Issue Briefs, Letters, and Other Advocacy Content

Letter: Suggestion for Disability Identifier Symbol

Health Care Policy and Financing’s Proposed Changes to Long Term Services and Supports

Accessible Video Conferencing Issue Brief

Making Colorado Springs More Livable for Everyone via Universal Design

Letter From the CEO- Protect Your Medicaid Benefits

Talking Points for Medicaid Cuts

Improving Health Care Access for People With Disabilities

Disabled Telephone Users Fund

The Need for Colorado Centers of Independent Living to Have an Office in State Government

Talking Points for 2015 issues

Emergency Planning

The Need for Centers for Independent Living

Changes to Critical Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Talking Points – Policy Briefing on Sign Language Interpreter Certification

Talking Points – Pre Legislative Session talking points on Sign Language Interpreting Certification

Benefits of Visitability Issue Brief

Service Animal Information Flyer

If you’d like to join us in making change, learn more about Community Organizing or click on the button below to fill out our volunteer form.

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