Community Organizing

Community Organizing is the process of bringing people together to build relationships, identify problems, and develop the capacity—the power—to change the decisions and processes of institutions that contribute to those problems. Organizing leads to action that is planned and carried out through campaigns: periods of intense and focused effort, with a beginning and an end, designed to lead to a specific goal that makes a positive, incremental impact on a problem.” Community Organizing depends on “people power” – larger groups of people who have a collective mission and will to change a negative circumstance that affects them all.

To find out more about the issues we’re working on or our about local elections and officials, see below.

For more information about Community Organizing, contact the Advocacy Manager at 719-471-8181.


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To schedule disability related training, click on the button below, tell us which training courses you’re interested in, and complete the form. Once we receive your submission, one of our Community Organizing team will contact you to schedule your free group training.

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Older couple boarding a bus

Help increase the coverage area and frequency of public transportation.

Woman offering cookies to two younger women

Learn more about increasing affordable and accessible housing options in our area!

elections & officials
People voting in a general election

Learn more about local elections and how you can impact the decisions of your elected officials!


What is Community Organizing?

To learn more about what Community Organizing is, please see the resources below.


Community Organizing in the Disability Rights Movement

Community Organizing and Disability Rights

This one-hour video was created by the Disability Rights Network of PA to give an overview of community organizing in the Disability Rights movement.


Below are websites that can help you learn more about Community Organizing:


  • RePower – A fantastic resource toolbox for community organizers – all trainings, presentations, and handouts are available for free and accessible online!
  • Organizing for Power, Organizing for Change – Another online resource with checklists, roles and responsibilities of organizers, and general tools.
  • Bolder Advocacy – A great site about advocacy and community organizing. Check out their tools for assessing your work as an organizer.
  • Community Organizing Game – The game is a set of resources that supports face-to-face training for residents and community leaders. It  is used to introduce concepts, prompt discussion, and allow residents to practice skills in a safe, non-threatening environment.

If you want to get involved with The IC’s Community Organizing department, contact the Advocacy Manager at 719-471-8181.

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