Resources: Colorado Springs Municipal Elections 2021

Make a Plan to Vote

Only 27% of Colorado Springs residents cast their votes in last year’s City Council election. Voting is not only your civic duty, it ensures that you have a say in the issues that matter most to you. So make plans now to cast yours for your City Council district representative.

Start by finding out which district you live in by clicking here.

Then, keep scrolling to watch The IC’s “Conversation with the Candidates” video below for your district.

Finally, your ballot must be received by 7:00 pm on the day of the election, April 6, 2021. You can either drop it in a secure ballot drop box (click here for a complete list) or you can mail it in. If you choose to mail your ballot, please allow up to nine (9) days for the ballot to reach its destination.

Conversations with the Candidates Videos

Deanna Rumsey, The IC’s Community Organizing Assistant, recently sat down with candidates from each of the districts to discuss issues that impact our local disability community. All candidates were invited to join the conversation. The videos are unedited for transparency, and each is fully accessible and provides both closed captioning and ASL interpretation.

District 1: Candidates Jim Mason and Glenn Carlson

District 2: Candidates Dave Geislinger, Randy Helms, and David Noblitt

District 3: Candidates Olivia Lupia and Richard Skorman

District 4: Candidate Yolanda Avila



District 5: Candidates Mary Elizabeth Fabian, Justin Hermes, Karlie Van Arnam, and Matthew Zelenok

Additional Resources

Are you looking for election information or help with navigating the voting process in Colorado Springs? Check out the following resources.

Election Information for Colorado Springs

Official Colorado Springs Elections website:

Click here to register to vote, update your voter registration, or check your registration information in El Paso County.

Sign Vote Click Here – An excellent site with resources and information about voting and political issues for members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Learn about Accessible Voting in El Paso County

We partner with the El Paso County Clerk’s Office to provide accessible voting and trainings for our community members. Below are videos of Liz Olson, with ASL translation, explaining how to vote locally and answering frequently asked questions about voting and accessibility.

FAQs for Voters with Disabilities

Click here for El Paso County’s answers to a list of Frequently Asked Questions about voting with disabilities.