Hands-on Voter Training

When: September 19th, 1-3pm
Where: The Independence Center, 729 S Tejon St.
RSVP: Required.
Call 719-471-8181 x 197 or complete the form below.

Would you like to vote in person but aren’t quite comfortable with how to use an accessible voting machine? Join The Independence Center and El Paso County Elections staff to learn about the process of voting, your rights to accommodations under the ADA, and actually go through a mock ballot using an accessible voting machine accommodating your needs! El Paso County invested in new, updated technology that will be ready for its initial use in the 2017 election – we want to let you know how to vote in an accessible way.

The new accessible voting machines allow users to:

  • Enlarge text
  • Have the ballot read to you, with an option to change the speed of the speech
  • Use a paddle-based controller that users may use to control selections
  • A sip & Puff option
  • An Audio-Visual mode in which voters simply listen to instructions and tap the appropriate option on the screen

The El Paso County Elections Department recently received the Independence Award for Innovation for Voting Accessibility from the Election Center, which sponsors the CERA program (Certified Elections/Registration Administrator). The award is in recognition of the partnership of the Clerk’s Elections Department with The Independence Center to guarantee voting accessibility for all citizens in the County. The Independence Center will be presented with an award by El Paso County Clerk Chuck Broerman in recognition of our partnership at this event.



Please RSVP at 719-471-8181 ext. 197 or using the form below.

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