Caregiver Abuse and Neglect

Every person deserves care that not only allows them to have the independence they desire but that is also safe and supportive. If you, or someone you know, suspects that a caregiver isn’t providing this kind of care, read on to see if that care is the type that needs to be reported and ended.

Caregiver Abuse

Abuse refers to any willful act or omission of a caregiver which results in physical injury, mental anguish, unreasonable confinement, sexual abuse, or financial exploitation to a vulnerable adult. Below are some examples of abuse to help you identify caregiver mistreatment:

  • Financial Abuse and Exploitation
    • Denies access to money
    • Using credit cards or ATM/Debit card
    • Forging checks
    • Theft
  • Emotional Abuse
    • Calling names, ignoring, criticizing, etc.
    • Humiliating individual
    • Treating person like a child
  • Physical Abuse
    • Pushing, hitting, slapping, pinching, kicking, biting, inappropriate handling, etc.
    • Overuse of restraints
  • Sexual Abuse
    • Verbal harrassment
    • Sexual assault
    • Rape
  • Misuse of medications
    • Theft
    • Overmedicating

Caregiver Neglect

Neglect is the failure of a caregiver to provide essential services necessary to maintain the physical and/or mental health of the person they are the caregiver of. Some examples of neglect are:

  • Not providing meals or denying food
  • Not providing transportation
  • Not providing required services or not working assigned hours
  • Lack of personal care (bathing, proper hygiene, etc.)
  • Leaving individual in soiled undergarments
  • Using vehicle without permission
  • Removing assistive technology, such as wheelchairs, walkers, TTY, etc.
  • Leaving unattended
  • Withholding medications


If you suspect a caregiver is abusing or neglecting a person they’re caring for, below are places you can contact for more information.


Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services

Centro de la Familia
Main Office: 719-227-9170

Domestic Violence Hotline
Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
TTY: 1-800-787-3224

Domestic Violence Initiative
Main Office: 303-839-5510

El Paso County Department of Human Services
Adult abuse or neglect: 719-444-5755 or
Child abuse or neglect: 719-444-5700 or

Main Office: 719-633-1462
Crisis Hotline: 719-633-3819

The information here is only intended as general guidance and practices. Information should not be considered all inclusive or as medical health advice.


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