Deaf & Hard of Hearing

The Independence Center’s (The IC) Deaf & Hard of Hearing program is designed to enhance the lives of individuals with hearing loss, encouraging you to live the independent life you choose for yourself through a variety of means. This program also provides assistance with the following via Direct Communication:




One on one

When you work with the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (HOH) specialists at The IC, you are encouraged to describe your own skills and needs and set your own goals to create an Independent Living Plan. We can help you to know how, when and who to ask for assistance, and empower you to make decisions according to the information received. When you are empowered to be your own advocate, you are qualified to take responsibility for the consequences of those decisions.



The IC strives to remove or overcome systemic barriers in our community. We encourage individuals to gain awareness of systems that are not working. When we are aware of these broken systems, we can then organize around an issue in order to bring about change in our favor. One example of a systemic barrier is the financial barrier to having assistive technology for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community in all organizations and small businesses. When we organize to make the available tax credit known to these organizations and small businesses, we can help promote positive change.  Click here to see the Disabled Access Tax Credit on the IRS website.



A specialist from The Independence Center can support you in the court room, assist with completing legal paper work, or help you to request a Court Accommodation that might be needed. Click here to request an accommodation for a Deaf or HOH person under the 4th Judicial District (ASL Interpreter, Cart Service, or amplification technology such as assisted listening devices.)

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Assistive TechnologyDeaf Tech

The IC is here to research technology and equipment for a more independent life. We have provided links to commonly requested technology below. If interested in completing an application from one of the links below, please call to schedule an appointment to learn more about these programs. Deaf & HOH Specialists will be available to assist you.

Printable Deaf/Hard of Hearing/DeafBlind Communication Placard

Using a communication placard may make it easier for d/Deaf, hard of hearing, or DeafBlind individuals to communicate with hearing individuals. Click here or on the image to download one, or use it as a template to create one of your own. Carry it with you so that it’s easy to access whenever you need to use it.

Deaf Communications Placard

Classes/ Workshops/ Support Groups


Transitional Youth Support Group

The focus of this group is to support seniors in high school through the age of 21 as you move into the adult world. This support group is held on the 2nd Monday of each month and dependent upon the school calendar.


Deaf Chat Exchange

The focus of this support group is to support deaf adults as you navigate your everyday lives. Many networking opportunities occur in this group and we often invite a guest speaker to talk about topics of interest.

To find Deaf & Hard of Hearing events, click on the button below.

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Information & Referral

Here are some links to helpful information. We have extensive Information and Referral services at The IC. Contact us if you have a need that is not met by this list.

Dove— Deaf Overcoming Violence Through Empowerment
Aspen Camp— year-round programs for Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and CODA youth, adults, and their family members
CSDB— Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind
Caption First— realtime or post-production captioning services
UC Health Behavioral Health Care
• Colorado Sign Language Services— email:
• Sing Language Network, INC—  email:
Rocky Mountain ADA Center— information on ADA for residents of Colorado
Aspen Pointe— Community behavioral health care
Canine Companions for Independence— email:
Vocational Rehabilitation— Colorado Springs— email:
CAD—Colorado Association of the Deaf
Transformance—(Formerly Consumer Credits Counseling Services)
CRID—Colorado Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
RMDS—(Rocky Mountain Deaf School)
CCDHH—(Colorado Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind)

Contact our Deaf & HOH department for more information:

Hard of Hearing Specialist, Stacy G. at
ASL Interpreter, Naomi M. at
Video Phone (Deaf Only): 719-358-2513
Hard of Hearing: 719-471-8181, ext. 177