Disability Picture ID Bus Card

Visit the front desk from 8:00 AM—3:30 PM, Monday—Friday, at The Independence Center (The IC) to obtain your Disability Picture ID bus card.

You will need your up-to-date Colorado ID, and one of the following to show proof of disability:

  • Your Social Security Insurance (SSI) or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) award letter
  • Medicare card
  • Med 9 Form (obtained from Colorado Department of Human Services)
  • VA Disability letter showing a 50% or more disability

If you do not have proof of disability, we have a special form you can pick up and have it signed by your certified medical practitioner, i.e. Physical (MD or DO), Physician’s Assistant, Licensed Physical or Occupational Therapist, Mental Health Therapist, Registered Nurse, or Registered Rehabilitation Counselor. You will need to return to The IC with this signed form, your old yellow bus card (if you have received one in the past), and your up-to-date Colorado ID.

If you do not have an up-to-date Colorado ID, we accept temporary application proof from the Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV (prior to receiving ID), or a proof of residency such as your lease or utility bill. Your name and address must appear on the lease or utility bill.  You must also provide your out-of-state ID.

Disability Picture ID bus card:

If you already have a yellow bus card, this new card will replace your old card. If you have never received a yellow bus card, you will begin with the new bus card. You may only have one bus card.

Bring your up-to-date Colorado ID, proof of permanent disability, and your old yellow card with you (if you have received one in the past) to The IC. The old yellow card will be destroyed. The new card will have your photograph on the card and we will take your photograph while you are at The IC. You will leave The IC with your new card as long as you have the proper certification. Please remember that this card is not transferrable. Any lost cards will require a $5 replacement fee.

The IC is the only issuing agency working with the City of Colorado Springs Transit Services for this new card.

Other helpful information:

We can also provide information and an application form ONLY for Disability Parking Placard, Metro Mobility and Amblicab Paratransit Services. Only persons with proof of disability can apply.  Please see information above for proof of disability.

For more information, click on the button below or call us at 719-471-8181.