Disability Resource Guide for Colorado Springs

This resource guide was compiled at The Independence Center by and for people with disabilities.  It is intended to serve as an introduction to the resources available to the Disability Community in the Colorado Springs area. We hope this guide will assist persons with disabilities, family members, service providers, and other organizations to access valuable benefits and services in our community.

The Independence Center is certified in the state of Colorado as a non-profit, consumer-controlled Center for Independent Living.  Our mission is to empower persons with disabilities to maximize their independence within the community, and remove barriers that prevent integration and equal opportunity.

If you need further information, feel free to call us at 719-471-8181. Stop by the office Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, at 729 S. Tejon Street.

One excellent resource that everyone can use is the Personal Emergency Preparedness Workbook. Download the workbook here. This workbook will guide you through the process of gathering the information and supplies you will need if a disaster strikes. It is filled with worksheets, checklists, and tips to help you prepare for an emergency. That way you have all of the information you need to make sure that you continue to live independently if you should ever need to evacuate your home, work, or school. You may want to make copies of these pages so that you can keep them up to date in the months and years to come.

Note:  This is not an all-inclusive guide.  Omissions from this publication do not negate the worth of any organization or agency’s contribution to the Disability Community. Further, any inclusions do not imply endorsement by The Independence Center.