Social Security Work Incentives

Apply for the following programs at the Social Security Office, or apply on line at

1049 North Academy Boulevard, CS/CO 80909 or call (719) 574-9279 for free booklets.

For SSDI Recipients:



For nine (9) months, you may earn as much as you can without affecting your benefits. $720 in 2010 earned in a month counts as a trial work period month.  After your trial work period ends, your work is evaluated to see if it counts as substantial gainful employment.  If your earnings average under $1,000 in 2010 per month, benefits will generally continue.  If earnings exceed these amounts, per month, benefits will stop after a three-month grace period.


Certain expenses for items you need in order to work (e.g., medical devices, equipment, vehicle modifications, attendant services and independent living services) can be deducted from countable income when your work performance is assessed.  You must keep a record of expenses and provide proof of payment.



A PASS can be used as a means to establish SSI/Medicaid eligibility.  This permits you to set aside all or part of your monthly SSDI benefit in order to reach a vocational goal.  When receiving SSI earned income from employment, it may be used in a PASS plan which would maintain your regular SSI payment.  Typical goals are to start a business, go to school, or to secure employment.  PASS plans can be changed or modified at any time.



This incentive continues Medicaid coverage for working people with disabilities under the age of 65 when their earnings become high enough to disqualify them for an SSI payment.  Check what the threshold earnings amount is annually.  To qualify under 1619B, a person must not be able to cover medical expenses, need Medicaid to maintain employment (attendant services, prescriptions, supplies, and doctors), have a permanent disability and meet all SSI eligibility requirements other than earnings. Contact social security to apply for 1619B if working and on SSI.