Independent Living Skills Classes

Our Independent Living Skills Classes run generally eight weeks long on a quarterly schedule throughout the year to meet all of our consumers’ needs. The purpose of the classes is to assist you in navigating daily tasks and hurdles in order to live an independent life. Classes are provided on topics such as understanding your disability, riding the bus, budgeting, personal and home management, and cooking.

If you’d like to attend a class for the first time and you haven’t received any services through The Independence Center before, please make an appointment with the Living Skills Specialist before classes start. This is so we can walk you through a “getting to know The Independence Center” process during which you can meet the Living Skills Specialist, see the classroom where classes are held and complete some paperwork to get you enrolled.

Examples of classes that have been offered are:

  • Money Management
  • Basic Spanish
  • Living Well With a Disability
  • Independent Cooking
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Positive Attitude and Overcoming Barriers
  • Employment Skills Classes (Employee Readiness and Retention)
  • Basic Grammar

To speak with our Living Skills Specialist at 719-471-8181, or click on the button below to search through all our classes.

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