Summer 2016

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photos from CNA open house Celebrating Our Purchase of Front Range Nurse Aide Training Program - Newly renamed, The Independence Center CNA School had its Open House February 19, 2016 to say farewell to Front Range Nurse Aide Training Program founders William and Nancy Whatley and to celebrate The IC’s acquisition. Now We Can Train Our Own Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) The Home Health division of The Independence Center (The IC) […]
State Rep. Teri Carver speaks at the First Annual Legislative Breakfast at The Independence Center Advocacy Update - The Independence Center thanks Rep. Terri Carver of Colorado Springs House District 20 for her vote “no” on Senate Bill 11 (SB11). SB11 would terminate the use of $15 million worth of funding from FASTER fees for transit and reallocate it towards road safety projects. Without this funding, Bustang and other statewide transit services and […]
Photo of Patricia Yeager, CEO CEO Corner (Spring 2016) - In the spring, nature starts sending up signs of life as plants start to sprout. Where there was seemingly nothing going on over the winter, now suddenly a garden is starting to take shape. This year a number of initiatives are starting to take on a life of their own! Spouses of people with disabilities […]
Jeffrey Burkhart smiles fora photograph in his new apartment Professor Regains Independence after Two Years in a Nursing Home - Dr. Jeffrey Burkhart sits casually in his living room discussing his 30 year career that encompasses teaching in four universities and two private schools. The walker next to him is the only indicator of his partial disability. A glint of pride sparkles in his eyes as he recalls a particular student’s evaluation of him at the […]
Judy Gates poses for the camera in her new apartment Community Transition Success after 11 Years in Nursing Home - After a decade in a nursing home, Judy doesn’t take anything for granted; she appreciates the seemingly small things, such as the freedom to help herself to her own food in her own kitchen. She loves being able to get up any time of day or night to fix herself a sandwich. She also appreciates […]
Photo of Rob Wrubel Financial Planning For Families With a Member Who Has a Disability - Colorado Springs Financial Advisor Rob Wrubel, with Cascade Investment Group, recently released his book Protect Your Family: Life Insurance Basics for Special Needs Planning, the first publication in the “Blueprints for Special Needs Families” series. The book is available on The Independence Center recently sat down with Rob to find out how his book […]
Ty Smith skis downhill with adaptive ski equipment Adaptive Ski Experience Carves Through Mental Barriers - Ty Smith never slowed down as an active young adult in his early twenties. Then in November of 2011, life as he knew it came to a crashing halt. Ty lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a ditch. While Ty does not remember the terrible accident, his life took a dramatic turn in […]