August 23, 2012

Letter to The Gazette about Transportation

To the people who run the city

Re: Retirees seen as economic engine. (Feb. 24)
I wonder if local policymakers and taxpayers are paying attention to the report on the number of senior citizens in Colorado Springs expected to triple in the next 30 years as baby boomers and others retire in large numbers?
One of the resulting needs stated as an economic engine is public transportation. Say what? Isn’t the Springs on a campaign to reduce and dismantle its public transportation? Currently, seniors and people with disabilities who don’t drive, those too young to drive or can’t afford a car, and those who choose to be environmentally conscious are out of luck when trying to get across the Springs. People who would like to work at the bases or up north where there are more jobs but don’t drive, are also out of luck when it comes to those jobs.
Rather than cutting back on public transportation as happened during the passage of the last county budget, we need a vision of public transportation across the county that is inclusive of riders of all ages, functional limitations and reasons for not driving. We also need the funding to make sure that cost-effective public transportation is available to all. After all, who knows what the price of gas will be over the next 30 years. Hope the 250 people who run Colorado Springs are paying attention.
Patricia Yeager, CEO, The Independence Center
Colorado Springs