Colorado Open Captioning Bill Resources

Recently, the Open Caption Requirement for Movie Theaters bill (SB21-120) was introduced in the 73rd Colorado General Assembly. This bill would require all of the state’s movie theaters to provide open captioning on all indoor and outdoor movie showings. To help support this effort, please see below for resources with more information about the need for the bill and how to reach out to your representatives. Click on the images for downloadable documents.

Contact Information for Colorado
State Senators and Representatives

Below is a downloadable list of all state senators
and representatives (PDF). You can also find this
information online at

Open Captioning Quick Facts Sheet

This sheet outlines some of the most important
facts surrounding the need for open captioning
in movie theaters (PDF).

Image of quick facts sheet

Speaking Points Reference Sheet

When calling your representatives or talking to
others in your community, refer to this sheet for
guidance on key points in support of the bill (PDF).

Image of speaking points document

Email/Letter Template for Individuals

Sample email/letter for individuals who
wish to voice their support of the bill to
their state representatives (Word doc).

Image of letter from individuals

Email/Letter Template for Organizations

Sample email/letter for companies/organizations
that wish to voice their support of the bill to their
state representatives (Word doc).

image of letter from organizations

Cover Letter

This letter gives in-depth information on how to support the bill, including how to contact your representatives and how to use the Speaking Points and Quick Facts sheets (PDF).

Features of Open Captioning Requirement

This document gives an overview of the features of SB21-120, Colorado’s open caption requirement for movie theaters (PDF).

Image of Features document


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