Paylocity Registration Instructions

Use Paylocity to print copies of checks, verify the amount of vacation/sick time you have available, give someone a “thank you” or search Paylocity in the web browser

Click on Login (top right of the screen)

Paylocity Registration 01


To register: click on Register New User (bottom right of the screen)

Paylocity Registration 02


Enter information in all fields

Company Id is always N1091 – not case sensitive

SSN is just numbers with no dashes or spaces

Zip code is for the address you provided on the W4

Paylocity Registration 03


Once all information is entered, click on I’m not a robot and the continue

Paylocity Registration 04


Create a username – must be at least 3 characters long–not case sensitive

Create a password – must be at least 8 characters

Must have 2 of the following:  1 number, 1 uppercase/1 lowercase letter, and 1 symbol

Confirm password and click Continue

Paylocity Registration 05


Set up security questions on the next page

The answers ARE case sensitive

Use the drop down (click on arrow) to select a question

Make note of your answer (upper case/lower case)


Review all the information and click FINISH