Pre-Employment Transition Services

The Independence Center offers classes to students with disabilities who meet the requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) in a supportive atmosphere. Staff with understanding of disabilities in the workplace, often due to personal experience, will meet with students in small groups, providing individual services that will build employment success through self-advocacy, knowledge of post-secondary education opportunities, job and career exploration, and workplace readiness.

Pre-Employment Transition Services Flyer

To download a copy of The IC’s Pre-Employment Transition Services Flyer, click on the image below.


Job Exploration


The Job Exploration class provides skills necessary to help individuals identify career options they may want to pursue. These services are designed to give an in-depth look at career possibilities, setting career goals and working to meet the milestones that lead to employment.

Vocational occupations, business, marketing, health services, and some non-traditional careers will be explored in small groups for transitioning students who are ready to examine the work options available to them.

Students will have opportunity to complete individual career skills assessments, participate in career boards, and share plans and interests with a small group including their support network.


Workplace Readiness

(P21000-01, 02, 03, 04; P21050-01, 02)

Workplace Readiness is a small class designed to assist individuals in learning the “soft” skills that ensure workplace success. Skills such as workplace interaction, time management, effective communication, problem solving, decision making, and other interpersonal skills essential to be successful in the workplace, will be shared and discussed.

Topics covered will include attitude, responding to different management styles, conflict management, work place expectations, self-advocacy in the workplace and your income.


Counseling on Post-Secondary Education


Because choosing a career requires exploration, planning and knowledge, and may also require post-secondary education, we are pleased to offer a class that will combine close and individualized examination of those needs for transitioning students.

Among other things, students will learn where to begin in exploring post-secondary education, complete interest surveys that will help define passion and desire in future employment, and will have opportunities to connect with post-secondary resources personally through tours and meetings with local colleges. Pre-application testing, application completion and self-advocacy with disability support offices at post-secondary sites will also be covered in depth.


Instruction in Self-Advocacy


For a student to make a successful transition into employment or post-secondary education, self-advocacy is arguably the most important skill to possess. This thirty session class will enhance the individual’s ability to communicate and assert his or her own interests and needs.

Our self-advocacy class includes awareness of self and disability, discovering what self-determination means, living well with a disability, communication, and the ability to advocate for needed accommodations and desires.

This class also covers the important issues of setting and maintaining boundaries, decision-making, and maintaining the appropriate relationships for success in employment.