May 9, 2018

Schedule Home Nursing Care from Our Experienced Team

When you require home nursing care for your loved ones, it’s important to work with an organization that has years of experience and a comprehensive understanding on effective care techniques. By harnessing our commitment to client communication, and building a foundation for care over the long-term, The IC has what it takes to serve as your home health solution.

Clients choose The Independence Center for:

  • Our home care nursing options

We provide a range of home care nursing options directly to clients to ensure their personal health needs are met. From our expertise in specific health condition management to our team’s experience in personal care, we can provide families a high level of comfort through our work.

  • Effective communication

Part of the role of the home care nursing team member is to communicate with family members about their work. After receiving client permission, we regularly update families while caring for their loved ones and ensuring the utmost privacy for our client. We safeguard clients within their homes and ensure families are able to maintain close coordination with their nursing teams.

  • Proactive care

The goal at The Independence Center is to provide proactive care to the client within their home. By tailoring a plan and proactively managing each client’s individual needs, the quality of life and patient outcomes are greatly improved. Our commitment to proactive care means client health and comfort is prioritized within each element of our work.

Our home care nursing services help keep clients and their loved ones in control while aligning them with highly skilled care professionals. To discover more about our work and the services we provide, call us today for a consultation.