What is a Service Animal?

Did you know? The Colorado legislature has granted protection to people with disabilities who use service animals against the negative consequences of misrepresentation of any number of “helper/companion animals” as service animals. Since early 2017, it has been a misdemeanor to knowingly misrepresent an animal as a service animal.

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The Independence Center has knowledgeable staff members who are happy to come to your business or organization to provide training on service animals. If you’d like to learn more, please call The Independence Center at (719) 471-8181.

Colorado Law

Please read this informative Memorandum from the Colorado Legislative Council Staff to learn about the laws that govern service animals, and the rights entitled to people with disabilities using service animals.

The IC’s Service Animal Laws Flyer

Four laws address service and assistance animals in Colorado. The rights of a person with a disability using a service or support animal may vary based on the setting. Learn about all 4 laws in detail in this flyer or click on the image below
Service Animal Brochure Thumbnail

Assistance Animal Fact Sheet

In the Assistance Animal Fact Sheet, you can find additional information about the laws associated with assistance animals.


The IC’s Service Animal Video

The IC’s Service Animal PowerPoint Presentation

The IC’s Service Animal PowerPoint contains a comprehensive multi-slide presentation that tells all about service animals. From definitions to the specifics of service animal law, you can find the information you need below.

The IC’s Service Animal Quick Reference Card

Ever wonder what questions can be asked when trying to determine if an animal is a service animal? The IC’s Service Animal Quick Reference Card can help. If you need a reference cards, drop by The IC, or give us a call at (719) 471-8181.


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