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Creative Maladjustment Week: Day 3

Creative Maladjustment Week July 7 - July 14

For Creative Maladjustment week the theme today is centered around KindnessCreative Maladjustment Day three

Challenge yourself to be kind, even if you’re hurting. Share your company with someone who might be lonely or volunteer at your local community center.


Creative Maladjustment Week: Day 2

Creative Maladjustment Week July 7 - July 14


Creative Maladjustment week continues with today’s theme of Laughter and Noise. Tuesday Maladjustment Week Day two

We challenge you to create joy in public places, transforming them!

Print out your favorite puns, riddles and jokes and hand them out to the people around you.

Share some of your favorite jokes with us!

Check out our Twitter and Facebook throughout the day for some of our favorite jokes!

Creative Maladjustment Week

Creative Maladjustment Week July 7 - July 14 Worldwide

“There are some things in our world to which I’m proud to be maladjusted.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Is Creative Maladjustment

What is Creative Maladjustment?

It’s about not allowing ourselves to become content with the problems we see in the world around us. It’s about not giving in to social pressure to align the way we think and behave with the status quo.  Instead, being creatively maladjusted means finding new solutions to challenges, allowing ourselves to be different, and embracing the creative contributions of our friends and neighbors. The creatively maladjusted among us are critical thinkers, architects of alternatives, and believers in humanity.

Can you imagine a better description of what we do at The Independence Center?

This week, we plan to celebrate all the ways that we are different by highlighting how wonderful our maladjustments really are! Please be sure to watch our Facebook page and our Twitter feed!

Creative Maladjustment Week | The Independence Center

Today’s Theme:

Creative Maladjustment Week Day of Action & Movement

Today the theme is Action and Movement. We challenge you to non-violently raise your voices as well as your heart rates.

One way to do this is through a proclamation. Draft a proclamation of maladjustment describing what you’re maladjusted to. Post it on social media or share it with friends.

Share your proclamation with us!

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