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Grant for Diabetes Education Will Help People with Disabilities

Healthy living is a topic frequently discussed in this country. People everywhere are trying to find ways to prevent and treat diseases like Diabetes. The Independence Center, a local non-profit organization, has received a grant of $7,500 from The Myron Stratton Grants Program to provide Diabetes education to staff and consumers at the agency.

The new program will help people with disabilities, who have a higher incidence of Diabetes than the general population, to learn how to prevent or control the disease through diet and exercise. The Independence Center hopes that this kind of education will help people with disabilities live more independently. A new class will be offered at The Independence Center that will focus on healthy eating. This class is just another opportunity for people with disabilities to better themselves.

Along with the new class, a peer support group is also being held for seniors who have low-vision and also are living with Diabetes. Janet Brugger, Assistant Program Manager, says, “The group will provide an opportunity for these people to speak with each other about their Diabetes and share their experiences.” Contact The Independence Center for more information about these new programs.

America’s Past Time: Adapted

Adaptive Sports

Adaptive SportsAdaptive sports are full of many inspirational stories. While some may go unheard or unseen, The Independence Center wants to share as many stories that inspire and motivate individuals with disabilities as possible. We’ve highlighted the world of sled hockey, and now we are shining the light on beep baseball.

Beep baseball, named for the beeping sound the ball makes, is an adaptive sport specifically created with visually impaired individuals in mind. This adapted version on America’s pastime showcases the athleticism, drive and determination that players possess. The game was created in 1964 and has continued to evolve and grow tremendously.

In this version of the game, you score a run by reaching a base before the opposing team’s outfielders pick up the ball. The infielders, at first and third, guard bases that look like blue foam pillars, while the pitcher, who has vision, is on your own team.

While the National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) has nearly 30 teams officially registered, the sport is still widely unknown in most communities. Michael Jackson, a client of The Independence Center, gave the sport a voice, along with the low-vision community, in The IC’s latest commercial. Through this commercial Michael’s story and the opportunities Beep Baseball offers will be shared and inspire visually impaired individually to follow their dreams and find their inner athlete.

Stay tuned to view The IC’s Beep Baseball commercial soon!

Learn more about Beep Baseball here.

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