Funding for Homeless Prevention Activities Program (HPAP) through Tax Check Off

) through tax check off contributions. Colorado residents are able to make voluntary contributions when they file their Colorado state income tax return.

The HPAP funds are distributed annually through a competitive process to non-profit organizations serving the most vulnerable citizens throughout the state.  The purpose of the program is to provide assistance to households at risk of losing their homes without some kind of community assistance. With your help last year the Homeless Prevention Program helped more than 500 families/individuals stay in their homes.  This year, this type of assistance is more important to Coloradans than ever. Our goal is to get more people to contribute and to increase the total number of donations we receive in order to serve more families and individuals. If you have questions about this project, please don’t hesitate to ask me! We are requesting that you drop in a personal “ask” at the end of your email. Please forward this email to anyone else who think might want to support more funding for homeless prevention activities.  As part of your email signature block please add: “Don’t forget to check the box for the Homeless Prevention Activities fund when completing your 2013 Colorado State Income Tax form!! Simply enter the amount you would like to donate on line 39 or tell your accountant that you’d like to support Homeless Prevention when filing your state income taxes.