The History of The IC

In 1987, The Independence Center was founded by people with disabilities who saw a need for independent living services and home health care services in the community. The IC serves people with all disabilities in El Paso, Teller, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Park, Lincoln, Cheyenne and Elbert counties and over 500 people annually.

After 25 years The IC’s founder, Vicki Skoog retired from the Center. She and her late husband, Ted left the Center a great legacy. Through her entrepreneurial skills she laid the foundation for the business that sustains the entire Center. Our long-term care/home health services, funded primarily through Medicaid and some private insurance and pay, allow us to help individuals of any age to remain in their homes. Because we provide so many services (over 20,000 visits a month) we put the money we earn back into Center services and the community. These funds support our Independent Living Center services and programs as well as administration.  In addition we fund a Home Modifications program, a community-organizing program, and tuition assistance for our staff members.  We are working to set up a “representative payee” program outside the organization for people on benefits who cannot manage their funds. Our goal is to make Colorado Springs and the eight counties we serve a welcoming environment for people with disabilities to live, go to school, work, recreate and participate in community life.  Our focus is primarily on people with physical and mental/emotional disabilities; we also serve those with developmental disabilities who find our services useful. We are working to create a community where everyone is welcome and belongs. With a truly accessible building, trained staff with and without disabilities, engaging events, and technology that allows us to be out in the community providing services and supports, we envision a true disability community where people can make a connection and get a life.