Colorado is overhauling past Telecom bills, and this may have a negative effect on certain communities. The package of bills, passed by the Senate committee, deregulates all telephone services and moves funding used for the maintenance of land lines to expand broadband in rural areas.

While the bills have support from both parties, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities oppose the bills for safety reasons. They depend on land lines to hear reverse 911 calls and there is concern that land lines may become nonexistent under these bills.

Our own Patricia Yeager is one of these individuals and has been very vocal on this issue.

“Very scary for me. I can’t hear my cell phone at night, I barely hear it during the day. I wouldn’t know if a fire was coming unless I got that reverse 911 call,” said Yaeger.

The bills have already passed out of the House and are expected to pass the Senate as well.