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Marine veteran Cpl. Richard Stalder smiles with sunglasses on and looking at the camera while seated in his wheelchair outside on a sunny day with his archery kit. He is accompanied by his mother, who is standing to his left, with sunglasses on and looking at him. Get Paid to Be Caregiver for Spouse or Family Member in Colorado - “There are only four kinds of people in the world: those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.” These words are perhaps the most profound truth about caregiving, and they were spoken by former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. Rosalynn understood caregiving because […]
Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services (VD-HCBS) in Colorado - If you’ve read Stephen Ambrose’s book Band of Brothers or seen Steven Spielberg’s and Tom Hank’s HBO miniseries production of that story, you’re familiar with the person and character of Cpt. Herbert Sobel. Sobel served nine years in the U.S. military, was a member of the 101st Airborne Division and the famed volunteer-based Easy Company, […]
Older woman with a disability in electric wheelchair smiles and talks with a woman sitting near her on the bed. In-Home Support Services (IHSS) in Colorado - Introduction to In-Home Support Services (IHSS) I’m about to give you the good news about In-Home Support Services (IHSS) in Colorado. The good news is IHSS is available in Colorado if you’re on certain Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers. If you’re not sure what IHSS is, read on. All the basics are […]
Woman and her daughter sit closely and look out a sunny window together Participant Directed Services for Home Health Care in Colorado - Long Term Care Changes Put the Power in Your Hands Once upon a time, being elderly or having a disability that affected your ability to care for yourself meant you were forced to enter a nursing home. Since the end of the twentieth century, there has been a shift in how Long Term Services and […]
History of Long Term Services and Supports in Colorado - We have a lot going for us in Colorado when it comes to the quality and access of long term services and supports (LTSS). Colorado actually ranks eighth in the nation,  according to the AARP Long-Term Services and Support Scorecard! Colorado is also one of only a few states that uses Medicaid dollars to serve more […]
LTSS can be paid for by HCBS Waivers, other Medicaid private funds, or Medicare coverage Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) and HCBS Waivers in Colorado – FAQ - Ever heard the term Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) as related to home health care, long term care, or Medicaid Waivers, but you are unsure what it really means? Here is a straightforward list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that should help you understand exactly what Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) are and how […]
Baby 2 Parents with Disabilities: Home Preparations to Make Before Baby Arrives -   by Jenny Wise   All parents go through a nesting period where they get their home ready for baby’s arrival. As a parent living with a disability, you want your nesting process to be about more than just building a crib and painting the nursery. In addition to those things, it’s important to make […]
Two cups and saucers on a tray waiting to have coffee poured into them. What to Expect of the ULTC 100.2 in Colorado - After applying for an HCBS Waiver through one of Colorado’s contracted Case Management Agencies, the next step will be a Uniform Long Term Care or ULTC 100.2 Assessment. ULTC 100.2 in Colorado determines level of care needed for long term services and supports. The good news is, the ULTC 100.2 is not a ‘test.’ As […]
woman holding young child on her lap while she looks at the computer How to Apply for HCBS Waivers in Colorado - In our last post we introduced Home and Community Based Services or HCBS Waivers in Colorado. In this post we’re going to cover how to apply for HCBS Waivers. HCBS Waivers are designed to give you more choice and decision making capability over your care and to help you avoid institutionalized care such as nursing homes. […]
Triangle depicting 'Health First Colorado, Colorado State Medicaid plan (regular Medicaid)' at the base of the triangle [larger area] and 'HCBS Waivers, Benefits for participants with more intensive needs & specialized diagnoses' at the top of the triangle [smaller area]. HCBS Waivers in Colorado: An Introduction - If you’ve heard the term ‘HCBS Waiver’, but you’re confused about what this means, this article is for you. We’ll break it down into plain language so you can understand HCBS Waivers in Colorado. Our state has 10 Medicaid HCBS waiver programs, one of the highest counts of waiver programs in the nation. This is […]
What to Expect from Home Health Care: image shows two sets of feminine hands grasping each other as if for comfort What to Expect from Home Health Care - Once you choose a home health agency, it’s time to get your care off to a good start. Do you know what to expect from home health care? Knowing your rights as you enter a relationship with a new home health provider is key to a good start. Every good relationship is two-sided. There are […]
Calming Room Design for Child on Autism Spectrum Calming Colors, Restful Space: Designing a Bedroom for a Child with Autism - By Jenny Wise   Parents are inclined to decorate a child’s bedroom with bright colors and lots of fun knick-knacks, creating an engaging, often whimsical environment designed to delight a child. For parents of autistic children, the reality is somewhat different. A child on the autism spectrum does much better in a calming, distraction-free space […]
Home Health caregiver attends woman Home Health Caregiver Credentials: Does a Caregiver Need to be Certified? - If you hire a home health agency to handle your home health care services, they will handle staffing and making sure your home health caregiver credentials are valid. While they do take care of this aspect for you, it can be helpful to have an understanding of what these caregiver credentials mean, and how it […]
weekly pill box from Sunday to Saturday filled with medication How to Choose a Home Health Agency - What is Home Health Care? Home health care is a broad term that describes a variety of medical and assistive services provided in the home. About four million Americans require the services of a home health provider to help keep them living independently. Forty percent of these are under the age of 65. It’s less […]
Senior Home Care Provider Choose Senior Home Care Services with The Independence Center - We can provide peace of mind to loved ones with physician-directed senior home care services. Our team is adept in all areas of senior home care, whether it’s providing companionship at important times or helping administer medication and providing direct medical care in the home. It’s the trusted service for seniors living independently across the […]
Autism Ribbon “Just Like Everyone Else” – Life on the Autism Spectrum - by Deborah V   A world of color, sound and social interactions surround us. However, what happens when your environment and your daily activities are strained due to the perceived normality’s in the world. Every day, a person with Autism wakes up and copes with the world. The Autism Spectrum is diverse. Nonetheless, we all share […]
Home Care Nursing Team Schedule Home Nursing Care from Our Experienced Team - When you require home nursing care for your loved ones, it’s important to work with an organization that has years of experience and a comprehensive understanding on effective care techniques. By harnessing our commitment to client communication, and building a foundation for care over the long-term, The IC has what it takes to serve as […]
Disability Home Care CNA Schedule Disability and Home Care from The Independence Center - Clients with disabilities require comfort within their own home, and our disability care services help support this required comfort level. Our team at The Independence Center is known for our high-quality work with clients with disabilities and we can help build the ideal care service for the individual, based on years of industry experience. Our […]
Medicaid filing How to Apply for Medicaid - One of the most difficult challenges many clients face in achieving the level of care they require is that they must apply for Medicaid. This can be a complex process for those without expert help. Within this page, we’ll explain more about how to apply for Medicaid. Following our guide will help ensure the required […]
Smart Home Technology and Adaptive Technology Live More Independently with Smart Home Technologies - by Beth Casey   Living with a disability or caring for someone with a disability is not without its challenges. Individuals with disabilities have the right to live as independently as possible, but some aspects of homes can make that difficult. Light switches, ceiling fans, door locks and other switches and controls are out of reach […]
Tim Ashley with Tony Wilkins Overcoming Challenges with Assistive Technology - The following is the text from an impassioned speech that The IC’s Tim Ashley gave last year at The Independence Center’s Annual ADA Celebration Luncheon about one of the consumers he works with. “My name is Tim Ashley, and I‘m an Independent Living Coordinator with Peer Support Emphasis here at The Independence Center. There are […]
Who is on your Health Care Team? - Contributing writer: Pam Burgoa, Individual Advocacy Specialist at The Independence Center   Navigating the medical world can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t familiar with the roles of everyone on your healthcare team. We’ve created a cheat sheet to help you keep everyone’s titles and roles straight, from your MD or NP to your RN, […]
Brain Trauma How Trauma Changes the Brain       - by Carrie Baatz                                                      Many of us experience trauma at some point in our lives. Traumas are deeply distressing events that threaten our life, safety and well-being. They can be […]
Person in wheelchair looking up a flight of stairs Call to Action: Education and Reform Act of 2017 - This Thursday, 2/15, the House of Representatives will vote on The ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017 (HR 620).   HR 620 would change how architectural barriers are removed, making It harder to hold the building community and design community accountable to federal law. Experience has shown us in the disability community that it often […]
Carrie Baatz Make Real Connections: Transforming Each Other in Community - by Carrie Baatz   If you asked Americans to tell you what their greatest health concern is, a growing number of people would say, “loneliness.” Human connection is so important to our well-being that when we go for a long time without it, our brains shift into self-preservation mode, we have a higher risk for […]