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Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI Disability Etiquette for People With Disabilities - by Michelle West   Traumatic Brain Injury, Part 2 In this 4-part series of blog posts, The Independence Center will be presenting information on traumatic brain injuries. This series is meant to help those without traumatic brain injuries learn a little about disability etiquette for those with TBIs. “Disability etiquette is a set of guidelines […]
Giving Veterans a Second Chance - One topic that has always been near and dear to my heart is the treatment and care of our veterans. Though I never served in the military myself, both of my grandfathers were veterans of foreign wars. One of them fought in World War II, and the other was an officer and medical doctor in […]
Thrive - by Carrie Baatz   “Life isn’t about surviving the storm. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Green   I love the ocean. Something in me is drawn to it, so I visit as often as I can. When I’m there, I want to hang around for hours and watch the […]
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Blindness and Low Vision, Cognitive, Mental Health, Physical Disability Assessment Rural Tour - If you live in any of the towns outside of Colorado Springs please check out our up and coming Disability Assessment Rural Tour. We are interested in hearing about the needs, wants, and barriers regarding people with disabilities in your community. The Independence Center will be going to all the rural communities we serve to […]
The Right to Rest - by Carrie Baatz   It’s been a long day. You’re anxious to come home, where you can take off your shoes, start dinner and relax. I never used to think twice about coming home. My safe space, where I retreat, recharge and recover, is always there. It is a bedrock that sustains my vitality in […]
Map of The Independence Center coverage areas. Building Services Beyond Colorado Springs - The Independence Center offers Independent Living skills classes, peer support groups, benefits guidance, as well as many assistive technology opportunities and transition assistance. But, did you know that we have more than one location that offers these services? As we have grown as an organization, so has our ability to reach more areas outside of […]
Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI Disability Etiquette for People With Disabilities - by Michelle West   Traumatic Brain Injury, Part 1 In this series of blog posts, The Independence Center will be giving advice on how to work with a person with a traumatic brain injury. In this first part, The Independence Center has pulled together general information about how a person with a TBI might think […]
Photo of The Independence Center Fcility The Independence Center – A Mission & Vision to Get Behind -   When people ask what it is that we do here at The Independence Center (The IC), I often find myself trying to come up with a cohesive answer. This isn’t because I don’t know what it is that we do, but rather because of the wide assortment of services that we provide. Officially, I […]
Farmshouse How to Prepare Your Home for a Loved One with a Visual Impairment - by Jackie Waters   My husband and I love our old farmhouse. It’s the perfect home for us and our boys. But recently, my husband’s sister, Emily, came to live with us. We were thrilled to have her join our crazy bunch, but I was a bit worried. She has been visually impaired since childhood, and […]
Medicaid cuts would leave people with disabilities high and dry -   by Carrie Baatz As long as Medicaid is funded, 1 in 5 people in Colorado are receiving medical benefits that enable them to be healthy and independent. Discussions led by the Trump Administration have been underway about replacing Obamacare and converting Medicaid into a block-grant program, which would give states more power to minimize […]
Waldo Canyon Fire Emergency Preparedness Tips for People with Chemical and Food Sensitivities -   by Michelle West The Independence Center has an Emergency Preparedness department that informs the public on how to best prepare for an emergency, whether it be fire, flood, weather-related, or any other type of disaster. Before a disaster happens, be prepared for an emergency! You can also anticipate that emergency personnel will probably not […]
Sample business cards showing the difference between 14 point font and 11 point font. Effective Documents for People with Disabilities - When people think of accessibility for people with disabilities they typically think about physical accessibility for wheelchair users, clear access pathways for low vision or blindness, interpreters for people who are Deaf, along with other clearly defined visible accommodations. While these are necessary and make a world of difference to those they effect, there is […]
Disability Etiquette Disability Etiquette - Have you ever considered the impact your interactions have on the people you communicate with on a daily basis? How about people with disabilities? If you aren’t familiar with disability etiquette, don’t feel bad, you aren’t alone. Disability etiquette can be a complicated topic and many not involved in the disability advocacy community might not […]