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Hospital to Home (H2H) Resource Page

Below are resources for reference, that were developed for The Independence Center’s Hospital to Home (H2H) program.

Marketing Materials for Hospital to Home

The brochures found within the section below are used as a tool to promote the H2H program to consumers and hospitals, and provide answers to the questions that individuals learning about the program may have. As part of the program, the H2H Coordinator received several branded dress shirts to wear when having interactions with consumers and hospital staff. Additionally, promotional items were available to program participants.

H2H Frequently Asked Questions

H2H Patient Brochure (Original)

H2H Patient Brochure (Final)

H2H Hospital Brochure

Branded H2H Dress Shirts

Branded H2H Promotional Items

  • Water bottles
  • Pens
  • Post-it notes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Chapstick
  • Hand mirrors
  • Pill boxes
  • Notebooks


Hospital to Home Documents – Evaluation & Assessment

The documents below were used for development of the H2H program, as well as for evaluating patient suitability for the program.

H2H Pilot Summative Report

Assessment Tool Questions

Environmental Checklist

Evaluation Brief

Family Evaluation

H2H Pilot Evaluation Map Draft

Parameters for the Target Consumer

Patient Evaluation

Strawman Explore Pilot

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

H2H Transition Coordinator Job Description


Hospital to Home Documents – Process and Flow

The files below contain documentation of processes used within the H2H program and provide a roadmap for establishing a similar program.

HH Transition to Home Flow Chart – Draft

IL Transition to Home Flow Chart – Draft

Pilot Map – Jan 2018

Transition to Home Pilot Process Review

Viable Transitions to Home Map


Hospital to Home Documents – Information Sharing

The documents below give consent for information sharing and a survey of program successes.

Information sharing with Memorial

Patient Evaluation and Summary (UCH)

Release of Information


Hospital to Home – Success Stories

Hospital-to-Home Program Saves Lives, Slashes Costs

Finding Your Way Home – Hospital to Home Program

Breaking down barriers to a safe hospital discharge – Hospital to Home Program

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