Cover to The Independence Times Summer 2018


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Daniel with his eSight glasses Seeing Life in a Whole New Light - Imagine losing your eye sight at a young age and growing up without it, and how different your life might be. You would likely have a very different perspective of yourself and your relationship with the world around you. Now imagine what it might be like to regain your vision in an instant, after spending […]
Phot of Patricia Yeager in front of purple flowers CEO CORNER - After providing in-home health services to persons with disabilities in the Pikes Peak region for over thirty years, we decided to stretch our reach further into healthcare. We asked ourselves a few questions. Is it accessible and useable by persons with a wide range of disabilities? Can we “disrupt” the pipeline of people with disabilities […]
Making Healthcare Accessible One Exam Table at a Time - In partnership with The Independence Center, Mission Medical Center unveiled their first accessible exam table this past February. With help from The Independence Center’s IC Fund, Mission Medical was able to purchase this important piece of equipment, expanding desperately needed services to people with disabilities. According to Barb Cronin, Executive Director of Mission Medical Center, […]
2018 ADA Event Sponsors- Rocky Mountain Health Care, Relay Colorado, Kaiser Permanente, Cascade Investment Group, Denver Management Advisers, 1st Bank, Rocky Mountain ADA Center, ITimes Article- ADA-Celebrating Veterans With Disabilities -   Each year, The Independence Center (The IC) hosts a luncheon to celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The celebration is always held on the 26th of July, which coincides with the signing of this important legislation into law back in 1990. On that date, sitting with a group of people with disabilities, George […]
Photos from Art of Accessibility (February 2, 2018) The Art of Accessibility - When The Independence Center’s Courtney Stone and Tim Gore approached others at The IC about participating in the “First Friday Downtown” art walk, it was a no brainer. What a great opportunity to showcase the artwork of individuals from within the people with disabilities community. Art provides a historical record of our past, drives curiosity, […]
Kissing Great Grandma 80 years grandson retirement senior Create a Legacy of Independence - Leaving a legacy to The Independence Center is an enduring gift which will further our mission of creating independence for people with disabilities for years to come. Creating a will takes time and consideration, and we understand friends and family come first. Once your loved ones are taken care of, consider leaving a gift in […]
Kevan shows off his Aira glasses. Types of Electronic Glasses - There are two different types of electronic glasses that can be used to help people who are blind or have low vision to navigate the world around them. In the front cover article about The IC’s Benefits Coordinator, Daniel Ratcliff, these types of glasses can be used for individuals with low vision, such as macular […]
Adaptive climbing group photo Reaching for the Sky With Adaptive Climbing - If you haven’t heard of adaptive climbing, you’re really missing out on something cool. Adaptive recreation is a blanket term for any kind of recreational activity that is modified in a way that makes it possible for people with disabilities to participate in activities that they otherwise would be unable to. In the case of […]