Transportation Access Study for People with Disabilities


Process Overview

Transportation is not something that is easily accessible to everyone, especially for people with disabilities. It is a critical component of society, used to get to work, school, and almost every other aspect of life but a lack of resources often limits the full participation of people with disabilities in the community.

Senate Bill 17-011 initiates a study of the current transportation systems in El Paso and Teller counties to identify solutions that would make transportation easier and more affordable for people with disabilities.

Senate Bill 17-011 creates an eight member forum tasked with studying how transportation access for people with disabilities can be improve through advanced technologies. The forum includes individuals from various agencies including the Department of Labor and Employment, the Department of Health, the Public Utilities Commission, the Office of Information and Technology, the Department of Human Services, the Division of Veteran Affairs, the Department of Transportation, and the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind. The study will focus on the transportation access needs of people with disabilities in El Paso and Teller Counties, and attempt to identify business solutions that expand transportation access within rural and urban areas.

The forum is tasked to:

  • Study the unique needs of, issues surrounding and obstacles facing people with disabilities concerning access to transportation
  • Review the degree to which the transportation needs of people with disabilities are being met in El Paso and Teller Counties (urban and rural)
  • Determine the availability of technology/business options across the state that are specifically tailored to provide transportation access to people with disabilities
  • Determine what existing funding sources exist to improve transportation access for people with disabilities
  • Make legislative recommendations in a report to be completed by 12/31/2017 and provide report to furnish copies of the report to the governor, members of the general assembly’s majority and minority leadership, and the members of the joint budget committee


To read the signed version of Senate Bill 17-011, click here.


Past Meeting Information:


June 28th General Forum Meeting

A stakeholders meeting was held at the Independence Center where representatives of local government agencies, private companies and members of the community gathered together. This meeting was to coordinate efforts and identify volunteers for working groups in 3 areas:

  • Transportation and Technology Solutions – gather baseline data on what technology solutions are being developed or tested in other communities – contact Jacquelyn Pyun at for more information.
  • El Paso County Gap Analysis – what current resources and barriers exist in transportation access for people with disabilities in El Paso County; what are the major gaps in service? Contact Liz Robertson at for more information.
  • Teller County Gap Analysis – what current resources and barriers exist in transportation access for people with disabilities in Teller County; how do we develop local support for transportation improvements? Contact Ted Shweitzer at for more information.


August 31st General Forum Meeting

A General Forum Meeting was facilitated in Woodland Park, where presentations were made by the following groups. Click on the presenter to find their presentation information.

Work In Progress:


In September, all Working Committees will meet separately to review information and prioritize recommendations to guide discussion at the October 24th General Forum Meeting. See notes from June 28th meeting  (above) to sign up for a Working Committee.

Upcoming Meetings:

October 24th General Forum Meeting

Library 21C, Venue21C (upstairs), 1175 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920


To call into the meeting, dial:


Participant ID: 4718181#


At this General Forum Meeting, participants will review and begin the process of prioritizing recommendations made by the Working Committees in order to provide a framework for the legislative report.

Members of the community are a key to this study – we need local input to identify what they need and don’t have. From there, stakeholders draw connections to possible solutions with the given technologies and identify possible solutions.

Please contact or 719-471-8181 ext. 197 to RSVP or tell us how we can make this event more accessible to you.


If you would like to receive information and updates about the ongoing progress of the Transportation Access Study, please leave your contact information below.

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