Veteran In Charge Resource Page

The Independence Center offers Veteran in Charge (VIC), a VA funded Veteran Directed Care (VDC) program that provides services and supports so Veterans can remain in their homes and communities as independently as possible for as long as they choose.

The philosophy of independent living (IL) aligns with Veteran Directed Care. Veterans should be able to live, work, shop and play where they choose within the community. Veterans know best what their barriers to independence are and what they need in order to live independently in the community. Veterans are in the best position to guide and direct programs for themselves. It is about Veterans having the choice and control to live the lives they want.

Veterans get to choose who, what, when, where and how they receive their care. Veterans direct their own services, train their own staff, and are the employer of record. Veterans manage their individual budgets (determined by the VA) and can purchase items or services needed to live independently in the community.

The Independence Center’s Veteran Coaches assist Veterans in care and service planning, meeting the Veterans where they are at in order to start their journey.

Overall, Veterans are very satisfied with this self-directed program. Veterans:

  • can remain in their home and community, providing an alternative to nursing home placement
  • experience decreased isolation as they can hire someone to accompany or transport them in the community
  • feel empowered as they have choice of how they want to live
  • enjoy increased quality of life, quality of care, and consumer satisfaction

Veteran Directed Care is a national program and has been in existence since 2008. VDC began in Colorado early 2016. On this page, you will find links to materials that you can work with, tweak, and/or use to best meet your service goals.


VIC Implementation Documents

Readiness Review

VIC Program Handbook 

Process Model

Applied Self-Direction Webinar


Marketing Materials

VIC Program Brochure


VIC Program Documents – Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures Manual

Veteran / Authorized Representative Responsibilities

Grievance Procedure


VIC Program Documents – Intake, Assessment, Planning, etc.


ADL Assessment

Service Plan

Emergency Backup Plan

Attendant Cheat Sheet

Task Planning Worksheet


VIC Program Documents – Job Descriptions

For more information, contact The IC at 719-471-8181.