Community Organizing Issue: Vote

Voting Information

The Independence Center encourages all people with disabilities to vote. Your vote counts. The following resources have been compiled to help you navigate the process of voting in El Paso County.

Up-to-date local election information for El Paso County

Get all the up-to-date local election information at the official El Paso County, Colorado Elections website,

2018 El Paso County Election Ballot

Please see the 2018 El Paso County Election Ballot made available in American Sign Language by the El Paso County Elections Department. We appreciate the County’s continued efforts to improve the accessibility of the election process for people with disabilities! Please visit us between October 22nd and November 6th to vote at our highly accessible Voter Service and Polling Center!

Learn about Accessible Voting in El Paso County

In September, we partnered with the El Paso County Clerk’s Office for an accessible voting machine training event at the Independence Center. Below are videos of Liz Olson, with ASL translation, explaining how to vote locally and answering frequently asked questions about voting and accessibility.

El Paso County Commissioner Voter Guide 2016

Click Here to view our voter guide featuring candidates for County Commissioner answering questions about their views on issues that impact people with disabilities.

To listen to an audio version of County Commissioner’s answers, click on the SoundCloud window below:

Additional Information on Voting Can be Found Below

Click Here to register to vote, update your voter registration, or check your registration information in El Paso County.

Sign Vote Click Here – An excellent site with resources and information about voting and political issues for members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Independence Center Voting Presentation

Click below for a full-length or segments of a video from the Independence Center with information about voting in El Paso County:

Full Video:


Why Vote?:


Mail-in Voting:

In person Voting:

Voting Rights:

Get Involved/Resources:

FAQ’s for Voters with Disabilities

Click Here for the County’s answers to a list of Frequently Asked questions about voting with disabilities.

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