Our team of health care professionals work with clients of all ages and their families to develop a traditional physician-directed (skilled) or client-directed (unskilled) care plan, or a mix of both if you qualify.

We offer our clients control over how and when they receive these services.

Our Caregivers

The IC also offers an excellent benefit package to caregivers who work 30 hours or more a week.

Physician-Directed (Skilled) Care

Client-Directed (Unskilled) Care

Your doctor directs your care You direct your care
Services require a Registered Nurse (RN) or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Services provided by a Personal Care
Attendant (PCA), Personal Care Worker (PCW), or Homemaker
Qualified Spouse, relative/friend or family member can be your caregiver Spouse, relative/friend or family member
can be your caregiver
CNA, and sometimes RNs, could be
provided in El Paso County
The IC’s PCA, PCW, and Homemakers
could be provided in El Paso county

The Independence Center accepts

Medicaid, VA, and other types of payments.

Pediatrics Care

If you’re a Mom/Dad, Grandparent, or other caregiver taking care of a toddler to young adult under the age of 21, you could qualify to get paid for some of the care you provide.

The IC hires CNA family members to work with skilled clients in Pediatrics in addition to offering CNA classes at The IC CNA School.



Regardless of age, you might qualify for Home Health Care if any of the following apply:


  • You’re a veteran with VA benefits

  • You have Medicare and/or Medicaid coverage

  • You need or receive care in the home from a friend or loved one

  • You currently live in an assisted or skilled living facility and want to live at home


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