The Independence Center provides numerous support groups for those who are in need of guidance, assistance, and a welcoming and friendly environment.  The support groups are a part of our Independent Living program, which provides the information and encouragement for people to believe they can create the life they want and provide training and support to accomplish their goals.

The Independence Center offers a variety of support groups including: Cross – Disabilities, Deaf Chat Exchange, Traumatic Brain Injury, Older Individuals with Blindness and a Women’s Cross Disability Support Group.


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI):

The Traumatic Brain Injury support group offers a positive, friendly, accepting environment where people with a history of TBI can gather to offer each other support. The group takes a realistic and optimistic approach to the experiences, circumstances, and problems relevant to TBI.

One major issue that the group always addresses is working. Many people believe that you cannot work after a TBI, but that is not the case. The group also addresses other misconceptions that come along with TBI’s, and offer complete confidentially as well.

“People with TBI’s sometimes have situations that are difficult, embarrassing or strange to talk about. There’s no judgment here,” Kevin Corrigan, Peer Mentor Specialist, said.

The group is very welcoming of those interested in learning about or wanting to share their experiences with TBI’s as well, and is free. This group prides itself on being open, compassionate, welcoming, supportive, and fun as well.

“It’s a great group of people that support and understand each others stories,” Lorelei Walthall, intern and group leader.

“Seeing smiles on people faces. Brain injury can be such a lonely and painful process to recover from so seeing people smile is very rewarding. You know that they’ve achieved comfort and enjoyment and they may not have seen that in a long time,” Corrigan said.