Winter 2017 Issue

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People voting Making Voting Easier for People With Disabilities - On November 7th and 8th, The Independence Center made history after opening as the first “Highly Accessible Polling Place” in Colorado Springs. Turnout was better than expected with close to 800 voters showing up to cast their ballots. There were scores of first time voters, including a group of students from the Colorado School for […]
Emma Crawford Coffin Race - Each year, as locals and tourists join together for the annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races in Manitou Springs, people watch the spectacle as outlandishly-themed coffins race down Manitou Avenue. This year, The Independence Center’s coffin racing team chose The Purple People Eater for their theme to show their support for our community. Fringed with purple […]
The IC Provides the Opportunity to Learn from Multiple Sclerosis Ambassador - On October 26th, The Independence Center hosted a discussion on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with Tom Falconer, Ambassador for the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Falconer, whose wife has MS, has been the primary care giver for his wife for the last 27 years. During Falconer’s presentation, he discussed the symptoms, diagnosis, challenges, and […]
Snowflake Care Giver Tips – Winter Safety - Even though you care for others as a caregiver, there are things you can do to care for yourself that will keep you safe and help to make your job easier. Wintertime can be challenging to everyone, but when you’re regularly driving from location to location to care for consumers, the likelihood of running into […]
The IC Receives National Recognition from FEMA - On September 16th, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) representative Carrie Roberts presented The Independence Center with the Outstanding Inclusive Initiative in Emergency Management Award. FEMA, a U.S. government agency best known for its disaster recovery efforts, also focuses on emergency preparedness training. The award was given to The IC for building eighteen Emergency Preparedness Kits […]
The IC Wins OIB Grant to Help People Experiencing Blindness - The Independence Center is pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded a three-year Older Individuals with Blindness (OIB) grant from the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. The OIB grant will enable us to continue helping older individuals experiencing low vision or blindness to remain independently in their homes, and to continue their hobbies or activities. […]
Photo of Patricia Yeager, CEO CEO Corner Winter 2017 - With 2016 in our rearview mirror, I want to take a few words and talk about two very significant events for The IC out of many. These two events impact the people we serve which is why I chose them. First, the success of our CNA school and second, the Veteran in Charge (VIC) program. […]
Life Skills Class Gives - As a group of students in The Independence Center’s Wednesday cooking class prepare for their lesson, instructor Edgar Morales asks them what the first step is when preparing food. In unison, the class enthusiastically responds with “wash your hands.” Then the fun begins. On the menu is baked ham, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. […]